Greetings to Hypnos! Tell us of your new full-length album ‘Heretic Commando – Rise of the New AntiKrist’! What can fans expect of this new monstrosity?

Generally, it is the album settled into solid death metal base with overlap into black metal. We are not any newcomer, we are many years on scene already, therefore I guess we collected all our experiences in order to create our most mature and the best album up to this date. Into the bargain, we did not want to underestimate the production, therefore we hired known Norwegian sound engineer Børge Finstad, who worked with bands as Mayhem, Ulver, Enslaved, Borknagar, Ihsahn etc. One of the reason for this step was also the fact that he works mostly with top world´s black metal acts and we wanted to bring some black Norwegian feel into our record and I have to say. This album sounds really great to our ears.

How long have you been writing the material that is heard on ‘Heretic…’? Is there a central them to the album, lyrically or musically?

First track I wrote back in 2009 year and we recorded it for MCD “Halfway To Hell” already. Next songs we started to write at autumn 2010, also new member IGORR wrote 3 great tracks, so material was completed in September 2011 and in October we joined the studio. Lyrically, it is kind of revolt…..against the loss of morality and knowledge amongst people. We praise empty celebrities, commercials cult, image cult…. we are quite disappointed with such movement and therefore we created own world we live in. I do not say we eliminated modern ways we are surrounded by, but we praise own rules, the things we consider as important and main in the life.

Although 2010 saw the release of an EP, ‘Halfway to Hell’, it has been several years since the last full-length from Hypnos. Why the years in between releases? I am sure the fans were getting restless!

I hope so man! Actually, we had 5 years break because of private duties. Especially my personal life went the way that needed a lot of effort and will, therefore I had to give up with something. I did not want to produce low quality music and therefore I decided to quit the band for non-specified period. It happened really naturally that we started rehearsing again in 2009 year and then we got the offer to have comeback show at famous Brutal Assault festival in Czech. We are very enjoyed and feel very fresh, we wanna play great shows and record another albums.

What goals did you have in mind when writing ‘Heretic Commando…’? Was there a decision to do something different for Hypnos? Why or why not?

We are influenced with many different styles, not only musical ones. We absorb all interesting that surrounds us and we wanna do more atmospheric and more self-focused music (I mean focused on one´s mind), also we like modern sophisticated black metal. These influences might be reflected into our album, we wanted also different sounding, we use black/white graphical concept etc.….all in order to express our thoughts best possible way. But it is hard to explain….if we meet one day, we can have some beers and talk about that in details.

How has Hypnos changed, if at all, over the years since the first release demo release?

Listeners must say….. We developed and matured as the musicians, composers and people. New HYPNOS production is pure reflection of 2010-2012 years. Hard to guess what is gonna be the next, anyway, we wanna do fresh non average music, maybe a bit weird but with significant focus on songs itself. You know, you can have best amplifier on the market, you can take best guitar lessons, you can have best clothes on stage….but when you are not able to white the song that attract the people, that reminds in their heads, then all mentioned makes no sense…. Songs are the point, not equipment.

Members of Hypnos are know for being previously involved in the project Krabathor. Is Hypnos an extension of the ideas that Krabathor embraced or a new entity all together? How so?

Yeah, that´s right, drummer Pegas recorded LIES album being Krabathor member for 1,5 year, I was member for 14 years. Logically, I continue on the way I used to write for Krabathor but I grow up, I develop myself as a composer, therefore I mean that today´s HYPNOS is far away from the Krabathor. But I have to say, that if I would stay in Krabathor, I would write the same way as I write for HYPNOS now. That´s current imprint of me, my emotions, influences, aggression – true look of me these days.

The cover art of ‘Heretic…’ was done by the masterful Eclipse Media. How does it relate to the music that is heard on the album?

Honestly, I am still truly amazed by the work Jo Mercieca of Eclipse Media did for this album. I am in often touch with this guy, since I “discovered” him thru internet and we consult many aspects related to the band and also to my personal attitudes as well. He tried to understand me and to comprehend the way I wanna go. When I saw first draft of the booklet, I just said: “He got it!” He did it exactly the way I was feeling at that moment. So, beside the musical side of the album, beside the great production/sound and great support from our record label Einheit produktionen – also graphical aspect of new album went amazingly.

Hypnos is no stranger to live performance. What are some of your more memorable live rituals and why?

We are thinking of live performances a lot, we wanna improve also this part of us. We wanna bring good sonic impression, visual impression and energy in most natural way, corresponding with our nature. Hard job but I hope still improving.

Do you feel that the live show better represents the Hypnos sound and message or does the studio recording do better at capturing the emotions? Why?

I personally prefer studio work because it better reflects the message and attitude I collect for months or years. Anyway, live performances are absolutely necessary support of the studio work. Band that does not play live is a dead band (yeah, there are some exceptions as Blut Aus Nord or Deathspell Omega).

What are some of the things that influence Hypnos, musically and lyrically? Has that change much since your last full-length?

Movement in society. Change or people´s habits, economy, preferences, attitude to life. I am sorry that people don´t care about smart people, old people who have experiences that should be respected. Instead of that, we are hunting career, money, poor TV programs, fast foods…. Nothing for us. We are natural people, we are not a part of virtual cold society. Musically we are quite a lot into avant-garde, modern death/black metal, sophisticated….music with the idea…

What does the immediate future hold for Hypnos? What about the distant future?

We are getting ready for short tour with VADER in December. We haven´t tour with these guys for many years already and being great friends, we are very looking forward. Then we have to get ready for next live season, we wanna focus especially on European summer festivals. And then, we will probably start to write material for new album, when the right time will come.

The last words are yours!

Thanks for support, man. Anyone interested in HYPNOS, check our website WWW.HYPNOS-CZ.COM