Unique Leader Records is really on a roll lately with such excellent releases and today it adds yet another to its portfolio. INANIMATE EXISTENCE’s debut album Liberation Through Hearing is a hard kick in the nuts that sets the pace for what to expect from these Tech Death newcomers. 16 tracks of brutality that totals a whopping 53 minutes, I mean that is almost an hour of pure menacing technicality. Now a days it seems that anything over 30 minutes for a band is sufficient for a full length release, so it is always a nice surprise to see a band really go for a full on assault of double that time. Let’s dive into the realm of INANIMATE EXISTENCE

There is much to stay about the death metal scene and I have covered that in my previous reviews on Unique Leader’s releases. Like in any over saturated market, you have to be diverse and ready to stand out. This well produced slab of metal has many dynamics. The first thing that I want to say about this album is that it indeed does stand out among the crowd. The album consists of mostly, instrumentals and a few songs that are fast paced shredding that really extenuate the guitar work compliments of Ian and Joel. The depth that this band provides on their debut reminds me of a mixture of DECREPIT BIRTH/SKINLESS/SUFFOCATION/DEEDS OF FLESH, all of which have left a mark in the metal history.

Guitar solos on this album are epic to say the least. They remind me of the solos that DEATH had on Individual Thought Patterns and really showcases the talent. Perhaps it was the intent of the band to really shell out their abilities by including several instrumentals or maybe it just happened to work that way. Either way these guys really should start touring ASAP and spewing forth the gospel that is death metal. Hell, a tour with SUFFCATION, IMMOLATION, DECREIPT BIRTH would be killer in my book.

INANIMATE EXISTENCE has really churned out an excellent debut album that is pull of poise and promise. Unique Leader Records has been doing a good job of scouting the right bands to add to their roster while maintaining a high standard. I can only imagine how much music they get on a daily basis and the process they use to filter out only the material that is truly Unique.