This Russian Label (Solitude Productions) just turned 7 and is not only reliable and a major force in extreme doom and melodic dark metal, but consistently finds the best and the more progressive acts in these styles ranging from the Slavic regions all the way to Brazil and everywhere in between. Inborn Suffering is no exception to that statement as this French band has been around and established for a number of years now and with this recent release they definitely raise the bar for aggressive and melodic metal acts to follow.

With all of the genre/style names out there it’s become a clusterfuck to describe bands like Inborn Suffering so for sake of respect and reality I’m going to avoid doing so. The vocals are distinctly death metal, abysmal and throaty, and also heavily burdened with emotional distress, but the sound is more angry than depressive and even the clean vocal passages are more poetic and narrative then weepy and suicidal. With song titles such as “Born Guilty”, “Self Contempt Kings”, and the title track “Regression to Nothingness” along with the promoted description of being Doom Death one instantly gets the idea that it’s a self loathing gothic saga full of long drawn out chords and droning drowning misery with little tempo and basically exhausting. Nothing could be farther from the truth though.

Much of this album is a cranking machine of dark insanity, revenge, and bitterness. To tell the truth, I first listened to this one while reading criminology case files on serial killers and the release actually seemed appropriate to the reading. The atmosphere throughout the album is HEAVY, like the burden of guilt and internal struggle between vindication and need for mental and emotional freedom. The opener “Slumber Asylum” really starts this album off strong with an obliterating density in sound and feeling as they shuffle between full force rhythmic trampling and melodic breaths of space and reason. Other knockout songs like “Born Guilty” continue to instantaneously come in swinging with a brutal tempo like a couple of good slugs to the jaw and continues the iron fisted flogging for a grizzly 11 minutes of bi-polar and pseudo psychotic mood swings. One moment you’re cold cocked with bass toned death metal riffing, the next you’re bleeding out to a morbid melodic/epic doom serenade rejoicing your demise with vocals of lunatic howling over you, then you’re last miserable moments are celebrating with a few esoteric lead guitar shreds and an epic continuation of this bestial rant. This pattern repeats throughout the song keeping you both interested and actually involved throughout the progression.

“Born Guilty” makes me think of a guilty murderous conscience, someone who’s struggling within themselves between the “moral idiot” staring at the hanging body they just squeezed the life out of and their human regret still slightly present screaming from within their subconscious. The siren-like lead guitar melody that wails from within the mix just adds that extra detail necessary to push the aspect of lonely misery and emotional struggle within oneself.

“Grey Eden” plays out like the aftermath of the bloodbath. The morose, almost gothic/funereal spoken word intro that reeks of spilled blood and regret that suddenly drops into a deep abyss of hatred and denial with a flood of melodic but destructive melodies and rhythmic assaults such as the last drop of blood wringed out through “Born Guilty”.

“Apotheosis” is yet another song on here that combines the confusion of morals and nature with the siren guitar leads which literally slits both the throat and wrist, they’re just that sharp and distinct, but a more philosophical and epic, while “Another World” brings back the sadistic mania and blunt force attack to the senses as were experienced firstly through “Slumber Asylum” and “Born Guilty”.

When I received Regression to Nothingness a few days back I honestly had no expectations. I had a nasty case of digestive issues the entire day and a throbbing headache so all I did was read fucked up details of real human perversity and cruelty and gave this one a spin between bathroom trips The next thing I know, I’m sucked into this things gravitational field and suddenly things just came together without rhyme or reason between myself, and this album.

In a genre that is traditionally a special taste for many and known for that as well as it’s overall sound that has a tendency to dominate and smother the variability underneath its cloak of dread, it’s a hell of an achievement to get me hooked like this one did. I haven’t been this strung out on an album from this metal realm since Helllight’s …And then the Light of Consciousness Became Hell. Seriously, if you feel that funeral doom/death doom is a mundane and suffocating genre that leaves you bored or weighed down struggling for breath then Inborn Suffering are a must hear because they blast all that other shit open like a bad case of Typhoid fever does for the stomach juices. Just imagine a blend of classic Amorphis, old Paradise Lost, and Evoken and that’ll be closer to Inborn Suffering than a blanket description.