Tell us a bit of the bands history! Is it currently just yourself creating the music?

Well we started writing music in 1997 at a time when Black Metal wasn’t very well known in Miami. Our first album was called “Infinite Dying Souls” and it was released on cassette. In 1999 most of the line-up for that album left to pursue other musical projects and we ventured in another direction of low tuned Doom/Death metal. We released “Given to the Ground” in 1999. After playing shows to support both albums, the previous line-up had musical differences so I put together another line-up that would help me write, record, and perform new material then we released “The Cursed Path” in 2001. Due to the other member’s commitments to other bands, I had to record the next album by myself which was “Firewar” (released in 2003). That album really went well for us and we got European distribution from it. After playing shows and touring for the album we started to work on “The Desolate” which was eventually released in 2012. From 2005-2010 there were some line-up changes and we re-recorded the album 3 different times before we actually stuck with a version we were happy with. In the summer of 2012 we released “Aborted by the Sun” and “Palingenesis” which were old recordings from a side project band I had during the Firewar era called Farewell my Angel. I remixed, remastered, and in some cases re-recorded some parts and released them.Currently Frank Gross (Formerly of Kult Ov Azazel) who has been a member since 2004 is playing Bass, and Carlos Delgado (who also plays with Death Crowned King) is playing drums. Carlos actually helped write material and recorded the drums for “The Cursed Path”. So it’s a three person effort.

I was able to listen to ‘Aborted by the Sun’, an EP that has a bit of history and was recently recovered, yes?

That’s right. Back in 2003 while I was working on “Firewar” I had another side project called Farewell my Angel that played melodic Death/Thrash. When I got done recording the album I was never really pleased with the mix and master so I wanted to re-do it. After I recorded it however, the external hard drive that had the files caught fire so I thought I lost that material forever. Last year, I was looking through some old tough boxes, and found a CD labeled ABTSBU. I put it into my computer and found ALL the old mixes. I re-did the drums on it, some bass parts, as well as some vocals, remixed and remastered it, then released it.

How how Inferion changed or stayed the same since ‘Aborted…’ was recorded? Does your new album, ‘The Desolate’ differ greatly from previous efforts?

Inferion has changed greatly since the time period “Aborted by the Sun” was recorded. Also, it was never intended to be an Inferion release until last year.

The Desolate” differs greatly from our previous albums because it’s faster, more aggressive, and structured differently than our previous albums.

What were some of the reasons you had for forming Inferion? Has Inferion produced your vision authentically? Why or why not?

I formed Inferion because there were no other Black Metal bands in the Miami area at the time. We also had a lot of fun covering different artists, making music and playing shows.

I don’t really think I was focused on the big picture or the future when we formed Inferion, but Ive got to do a lot of really interesting things with the band such as travel and play abroad, release albums, and get great support from our die hard supporters. While a lot of people might not know who we are and we may not have achieved the fame that other bands have achieved, we’re content with where we’re at and playing/releasing the music we want.

What is the songwriting process for Inferion? Does it require a certain mindset and much re-working of material or does it come naturally and evenly?

Most of it just comes naturally. Usually though, it comes from some significant experience in life. I generally record rough draft guitar and drum tracks then I dropbox the idea to Frank and Carlos, and wait until they send me their input. Then mix, master, and release.

Does Inferion perform live? Why or why not?

At the moment Inferion doesn’t perform live. We’re not opposed to it in any way, It’s just that no good shows have presented themselves. It’s difficult to play regularly or tour because of my commitment to the Army and the other guys have full time jobs as well. If any shows presented themselves and it was worth it to play… We would do it.

I understand that you have a military background with the United States Special Forces. Tell us, if you are willing, what you military involvement is and how it has influenced your music.

Well I am currently in the Qualification course for the Special Forces so I have not graduated and earned the title yet but by this time next year, I should have. Aside from this course, I have spent 4 years in the military. I deployed to Iraq in 2009-2010 and had the good fortune to be stationed with great soldiers my whole career. The deployment gave “The Desolate” added aggression, and the genuine feeling of desolation to the album. It was an integral part of the writing process of the album.

What are some of the things that Inferion strives to express through music? What were the central themes of ‘Aborted by the Sun’?

We generally have a theme in mind when we right an album. Depending on what the theme is that is what we like to express. We don’t like express personal agendas because that’s not what music should be about.The central themes associated with “Aborted by the Sun” were Uranium enrichment, Atomic warfare, and particle accelerators.

The music on ‘Aborted…’ is relentless and contains some crushing guitar riffs that play well with the programmed drums. What does Inferion define as ‘heavy’?

Actually NONE of the drums on any of our albums are “programmed” Per se. I recorded the drums on an Alesis DM10 electronic drumset by playing to the song. Since I am not a great drummer, I had to play only a couple of parts at a time and had to fix parts where I messed up. Additionally, I needed to add drum fills on separate takes and do piece by piece editing at times. After a song was finished I replaced the bass drum/snare drum SOUND as I saw fit. I guess we would define ‘heavy’ as….Distorted guitars, double bass, blast beats, and aggressive vocals. Sorry I really don’t have a Webster’s definition for you.

I have to ask the meaning behind the title, ‘Imagine Me Geometry’. What themes are prevalent in this track and why?

I wrote this song 10 years ago when I was studying College Biology and Geometry. I think it developed a few different meanings for me. One of those meanings was dealing with the frustration of not understanding it as quickly as I wanted and feeling like somehow it was trying to kill me. Another meaning is discussing the prospects of using Advanced Mathematics to shape our future. Now it reminds me that getting stoned and hoping to pass a geometry test you didn’t study for is not going to happen.

Many of the tracks on ‘Aborted…’ end abruptly. I wonder if there was more material after the song’s end or it was intentional to stop the track suddenly.

There was A LOT more material. The original album was over 40 minutes long. There was also an extra song that got cut that didn’t fit. But when I was re-editing this album, I got rid of them and condensed the ideas because I didn’t want the good riffs to get boring. The songs on the album are designed to be heard back to back. When heard in that way, the album is one continuous experience (recommended).

What does the future hold for Inferion?

A tribute to the music of Castlevania is in the works however No release date is set. There is also another full length in the works tentatively entitled “This will Decay”. It’s Black Metal for the most part with a few variations. Hopefully more people are exposed to the albums and they enjoy them. It would be nice to play live again also. It has been 7 years since our last live show.

Last words?

Thanks for the interview and kind words on the album. Pick up the albums and support! Thanks.