Hails to Nox Illunis! The hour of your second full length album, Metempsychosis is upon us! Give us a few details on this new release!

Metempsychosis, as you said, is our new full length, released via War Production (POR) in September 2012. It’s a 7 songs concept album, for over than 50 minutes of blasting black metal with melancholic passages.

The material on Metempsychosis is strong with a solid production and variety of sounds. How was the recording experience for you? Have you been working in the studio for some time or was it done rather quickly and sporadically?

It took a long time to the final version of Metempsychosis to see the light. Already, the basis of the music was layered down in almost one or two weeks, impulsively. That was just the core of the album: from there a constant action of improving started. Due to this way of working, Metempsychosis took life in about one year of composition, firstly with only guitars and drums, then with the addition of bass and the multi voice lines.

I know little to nothing of the Italian language, which I presume, your song titles are written in on Metempsychosis. Several of the words appear in each song name, leading me to believe that his a concept album. Give us some details on the theme, message or mythology behind these 7 rituals.

You’re right, each songs is a frame of a portrait, Metempsychosis is thought to be as a single-flow song, since is a concept album. The concept may be extremely summarized in the awakening of self consciousness, but it also tells a chronicle of a Nietzschean superhuman and his will of power. Unfortunately for you and Nox Illunis foreign listeners, lyrics are all in Italian, but a fine translation can be found in our FB page.

With it being said that this full length contains only 7 tracks, it is obvious that several songs are quite lengthy. Was it intentional to have the majority of songs on this album reach beyond the 7 minute mark? Do you feel that some listeners may lose  interest after the first three minutes? Why or why not?

As said above, every single track leads the listener on a path, so skipping one or more tracks means to lose a part of the journey along this album. Such problem did not exist in Nox Illunis first album, In Sideris Penumbra, which was too heterogeneous to be intended as a concept album.

Something I have enjoyed about your music is your ability to maintain a feel of controlled chaos throughout your recordings and deliver an excellent standard of musicianship. What are some of the qualities that you feel set Nox Illunis apart from other black metal hordes.

As you said, Nox Illunis tries to merge different sequences, made of aggressiveness and melancholy, creating a unique riffing in which both of those feelings alternate. On Metempsychosis can be also found dissonances à la Deathspell Omega and clean vocals weaving together, which set Nox Illunis a step far from the traditional black metal scene.

What influences did you draw from to help sculpt Metempsychosis? Was there a new source of inspiration for you, either musically or lyrically, that manifested in the material or was more of ideas that had been in the works for since your debut, In Sideris Penumbra?

Musically Metempsychosis is musically inspired by Deathspell Omega’s works, but combining such kind of music with Nox Illunis personal riffing, which is to compare to first Naglfar, someone said. Moreover, there are very layered guitar lines also, as in Blut Aus Nord style. On Metempsychosis we also put more movie samples, and that is another source of energy too.

When we had previously talked in interview, you had stated that Nox Illunis is not primarily a live band and is only interested in performing under the right circumstances. Well…have those circumstances manifested themselves? Why or why not? If so, what was the live experience like? Will there be more to follow?

We had a good live show with Common Grave and Sidus Tenebrarum, both Italian bands, and it’s been a really good experience for us. At the time we had a more conventional “black metal band” style, but a live show that we would perform now will take more the form of a sonic ritual of unknown entities. We are studying the best way to perform Metempsychosis live but we are not sure if there will be any possibility to have right circumstances to do an impressive show.

There is a large variety of ambient soundscapes on this album. Are these sounds more the role of the producer in the studio or is Nox Illuis incorporating a keyboard player or sound controller to the line-up?

We put all the layers together by ourselves so there was no producer engaged in the process. We are creative minds that extended our inspiration to many instruments and sides of the songwriting process, so a guitarist took care of the guitar lines as well as he took care of the industrial ambiences; so did the other guitarist who took care of the bass lines as well as the vocals. This is the right balance we put on with time and no other musician is planned to fill this non-existing void.

What are some of the other projects that members of the group are involved in and how do they differ from Nox Illunis? How do you balance the songwriting, rehearsal, creative energy and vision between the many outlets?

We are involved in many other musical entities, both as active members and as session musicians. We all lead solo projects or individual musical experiences, walking a sonic path that often exceed the circle of black metal. No other band’s name is helpful to describe the Nox Illunis sonic experience, but Nox Illunis itself.

What does the future hold for Nox Illunis? Are there songs waiting to be released on an EP or split leftover from the Metempsychosis sessions, live shows, other projects?

We are focusing on the promotion of Metempsychosis, and this duty requires the most of our energy. Maybe we will take a break to focus on other musical projects and gather new energy to be put in the new Nox Illunis material. When we will be ready the new Nox Illunis emanation will burst out of our chests and will take its form. No live show is planned but we do not close this door, so we may accept an offer of a live show only when will be sure that the best performance will be possible.

The last words are yours! Thanks for your time and congratulations on another amazing album!

Thank you so much for your attention. “Liberate vos ex inferis”.