Posers stammer and stutter at the mention of their infernal names. Whatever pathetic assemblage of music you deem a ‘collection’ is downright embarrassing without at least two releases prominently displayed from each band. USA Death Metal Institution Nunslaughter join forces with Japan’s notorious Abigail for a sick-as-shit picture disc, titled ‘Fucking Satan’ that wastes no time in ripping the listener in half. Nunslaughter deliver their ‘Devil Metal’ goods in neckbreak fashion and make their point even more blunt with a video for the track titled ‘God’. Abigail, no strangers to extremity or attitude, bring a black metal attack with ‘Night of the Reaper’, a track that begins as a deadringer for Mayhem’s ‘Pagan Fears’ but soon evolves into something just as intense and satisfying. Soon after, Abigail closes out the 7″ with a ‘Street Metal’ fist-fight, appropriately titled ‘Violent Force’. Each band has a staggering amount of releases, ‘Fucking Satan’ being a terrific one, without question. If bad-ass picture discs with disembowled nuns and masturbating baphomet are too much for you, turn your eyes and ears elsewhere!