Here’s another find sent to me from a European label that completely blew my skullcap off. Dark Armageddon have been active since 1994, yet outside Eastern Germany with minimal releases they’ve the epitome of what a KULT band once was. I barely know anything about either the label or band, but from the few releases Vinterson has sent me as of late (Dark Armageddon and Hollensturm) it’s simple enough to say that this is some quality stuff.

Dark Armageddon play a traditional melodic aggressive black metal that shrieks of the best Emperor qualities, maybe some Dissection even. There’s that dark forestation of fuzz that surrounds the three sons on here giving them the right touch of murky funeral fog and crudeness that balances out the melodic treble rumbles of power chord progressions and echoing vocal shrieks of satanic and ominous forces that feel as ancient as they do “in the moment” as you listen attentively and devoutly to their maniacal rants. There’s even some thick atmospheric Summoning/Abigor tendencies bleeding through “Dance of the Demons” with that slightly pagan tinge to the rhythms and the slight acoustic touches. My only bitch is that it’s only three songs and under 20-minutes in length, but thankfully they are still creating their own black chaos, and to my ears this couldn’t be a better time to re-establish black metal from the roots up where the majesty and potency takes precedence over abrupt noise and attitude.

Also, the vocals courtesy of  Helvete are those of a female!!!! AND this female can compete in the realm of Ihsahn (Emperor), Silenius (Abigor/Summoning) so that right there should be enough to convince you to investigate these sounds further. The vocals on “Saat Des Boese” literally sound like an explosive demonic wind storm coming out of a blood red cloudy sky before the band kicks in and the whole world goes up in flames!!!!

Dark Armageddon also share a member with Hollensturm and I’m actually interviewing both bands simultaneously at the moment so please do check them both out and keep a look out for the interview coming very very soon.