Right from the start this album is simply obliterating!!! I guess the best way to go about describing the Desultor sound would be to say that it’s the current dark and melodic prog metal brutality of Helstar with some crushing death metal weight in the riffs, hints of thrash neck snapping rhythms and the scorching breath of black metal. The vocals are clean and more traditional metal than extreme, but thankfully not of the Euro power metal vain. Desultor really defies definition, songs like “Denied” remind me a bit of recent Hirax with the clean vocals that still carry an attitude and a bit of gruffness before belting out some solid highs. The rhythm is solid thrash and has a definitive assault to knock your block off, as the song literally forms a cyclone around you creating a vacuum in which you are inevitably consumed, even in the more melodic breaks between the bulldozing.

“Division Insane” is another blatant assault to the senses and also has enough catchy phrases that gets inside your subconscious and haunts your mind for some time to come. Amidst the continual pummeling drums and battering ram riffing there is still time to throw in a sinister and majestic lead to hail Hell.

My standout track is “Another World” though, for some reason the melodic death pulse really gets my adrenaline raging and blood surging through my veins like being set on fire, but it’s the epic melodic vocal delivery of the “When you come to this….you will see….” lyrics that instantly makes my skin go cold and tingly like electric currents are running along the surface of my skin. “Another World” almost feels like it’s the soundtrack to the coming of some celestial being.

“And So We Bleed” somewhat follows the same melodic metal with slight prog leanings of “Another World”, especially in the vocal delivery and more of the epic and dark cosmic atmosphere screaming through like a bullet through the ears. The throttle of the rhythms throughout is like a speed train on warp drive coming right at you while you’re tied to the track.

Desultor seems to have this uncanny ability to craft brutality, melody, create these almost symphonic dynamical atmospheres, throw in some prog metal, into this concoction of everything that I love about metal across the spectrum that is just perfectly placed. Every rhythm is solid, many are addictive and manage to rewire your neural pathways in order to remain fixed in them so that you can always feel and recall them. The experience of listening to Desultor reminds me of that sensation I’d gotten when first hearing Arcturus’ Sideshow Symphonies, where the metal becomes physically moving and intense. I can’t even remember the last time a new metal album made me feel as alive as this one does and that statement is me writing a check that my ass can certainly cash as even amongst the great and energetic metal releases out there, Desultor just seems to disintegrate them in my opinion.