This vile little tape is a compilation of selected tracks from a few of their early Demos: A.M.S.G. (2006) and L’essence Du Mal (2003); and a few from their 2009 release, Chaotical Invasion; making it a savory taster of vicious and well rounded black metal lunacy. As of the last few years I’ve been getting more into the Quebec black metal realm thanks to artists like Borgne, Neige et Noirceur, Forteresse, and a few others. I love the variation in the styles of black metal that emerge from that region and the quality as well, it’s REAL…not this kult evil bullshit, it’s just chilling and otherworldly like it should be and that’s EXACTLY what you get with Evil Wrath as well. ALL THRILLER AND NO FILLER!!!!

I’m not here to shoot the shit, so here it is plain and simple: “ Evil Wrath is the perfect noxious brew of ugly bloodcurdling werewolf vocal annihilation and raw aggressive power that actually has some fucking balls and doesn’t hesitate to bust those shriveled prunes that others try to pass off as BALLS”. Don’t expect one or two guys with social anxiety clanking around shouting “Saytaaaaaahnn” like they have the shits and can’t find the damn can to crap in and it’s his fire that’s burning through their tight little assholes. Evil Wrath may consist of Nekros and Morbid at its rotten core, but there are many other contributors on these songs, which adds some horsepower and stamina that many flat out lack. After all, it’s hard to compete with a gritty and filthy buzz bomb of salivating lascivious vocals and a cranking thunder of crass punkish power chord rhythms with some simple but potent variations that comprises “Hell Marches to War”, the opener of this crypt of noise.

Evil Wrath also put the “metal” back in black metal throughout their creations, but it becomes strongest on “La Sphere Malsaine” with a bit of shredding leads and Venom-ish sonic riffing tones that have long since been abandoned today for pure noise. Maybe I expect too much, but I do like my metal to actual be “metal” and if you’re of the same mentality then you’ll also get ripped on Evil Wrath.

To add a bit more definition and up the heat they bust out a creepy organ instrumental song, “Overture”, that belongs as a sound clip for a scene in some creepy black and white cult horror film; include the organ/horror synth sporadically in their almighty self glorifying hymn “Evil Wrath”, giving it that same creep factor as it did in some of early Rotting Christ material; and they also start off “L’essence Du Mal” with a shotgun blast!!!! GREAT stuff!!!!!

Note: The first edition was released by Warkult Productions in 2010.