Dark Necropsy lives up to its title and the notoriety of Fellatrix Morgue, an act whose vile pungent sounds on the little black tape of death, Mortuary Rape, left many of us with a permanently re-wired necessity to get a solid whiff of that fetid excreta over and over again. The man behind FM is also behind Death Ghidrah and the techno influences are infiltrating from that project into this one but it doesn’t weaken the alien monstrous distortion vocal work and bleak, scorched, and rotting fruitless world that is Fellatrix Morgue.

“Black Genitals Expulser” introduces me into a minimal industrial pulsed torture chamber with the lashing and clashing of metal flooded with blasts of power electronic static, then explodes into a maelstrom of inhuman bowel rot grind vomit.

“Beyond the Grave” is a simple synth track with a weird alien/necro vibe to it, sort of like an organ being played by some psychotic doctor whose house is his lab and the place is filled with weird specimens in old jars and rusty medieval torture devices. The brief and creepy piano hymn, which is directly followed by a poltergeist EVP, shuts the song down in an instant clocking in at barely 2 minutes but heavy in atmosphere.

All is well that ends well, and here the best is saved for last with the explosive subterranean ballistic grind and groove of “Black Worm Sacrilege”. There’s a nice consistent rhythm throughout, a little clicky blippy video game snare or high hat on repeat, and of course we have the maniacal roller coaster ride of Atari moments with some subsonic bass followed by the bowel growl from Hell…back to the arcade…then thrown into the pit again. The vocals remind me slightly of the Diseased Oblivion doom grind explosions only FM keeps ’em short and shocking, not drawn out and slithering like a toxic mold.

There’s also more where this one came from: like a split with Putrescent Fog, split with Cadaverous Sores… Check the FB link below for some info:


I honestly can’t wait to hear what incipient septic spew is to come, this stuff gets better and better with each release!!!!