Hellveto is mystical symphonic black metal in its true incarnation, and has been ever since its inception back in ’95. For those who have never experienced Hellveto, Hellveto is a one man neo-classical symphonic pagan black metal project that encompasses the magnetic 90’s black metal sound with medieval instruments to create a sincere pagan atmosphere that is heart racing and intense as well as beautiful and majestic. You can actually feel the fires in the camps of the tribes and smell the true essence of nature thousands of years old through the intensely tribal and ceremonial rhythms of Hellveto, along with backing vocals behind the main ones that generate a call and response play as if they were the dialogue of actual warriors communicating during battle.

Most of the tempos are steady and cranking like the adrenaline of a European barbarian off to defend his territory with nice treble ringing chords and slightly clean black metal leads. At times the tempos actually do invoke visuals of forests ablaze and villagers rushing for safety during an onslaught while the vocals range from passionate howls and spoken word hollers to full on paganized black metal shrieks, complete with chorus effects and a layering of vocal styles behind the mix generating a complex sensation of a crowd of people present simultaneously.

In all honesty, to experience Hellveto is akin to experiencing our heritage and ancestral roots. And yes, it’s that intense and realistically chaotic, melodic, spiritual, and barbaric all at once!!!!  It’s actually difficult in a way to imagine that all of this masterful production, composition, and presence is that of a single man, it’s that dynamic and well executed.

As a long time fan of Hellveto I was actually a bit disappointed a bit with Kry  (2009) and further frustrated with Wiara, Nadzieja…,Potepienie (2010), but with Damnaretis he returns to triumphant form and knocks me on my ass yet again with his incredible sense of melody and spirit. Damnaretis is a masterpiece of black metal and pagan passion , and skill that cannot come from anything but the true soul of ones blood lines and being, it’s a respect and embodiment that you honestly can’t bullshit. If you’ve bared witness to his Autumnal Night and Zmierzch releases then you’re well aware of the quality and vibrant atmospheres that Hellveto paints through simple black metal materials and a keen sense of pagan spirit that only certain individuals can translate as literally as he does. Raise your swords and let the blood flow!!!!