This tape is, in my mind, an electronic masterpiece. It’s modern, psychedelic, experimental, dark, static drenched, electro,goth,synth all in one!!!! I just had to  get some more of this stuff up on the site and the recent Chondritic Sound Releases gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. Much like similar MUST support labels such as No Visible Scars and Prison Tatt, CS only release limited quantities whose layout/artwork/packaging is just as much an art piece as are the enclosed sounds. I honestly love seeing…well actually “hearing” the resurgence of classic electronic and industrial with a new outlook on it that strays from the dance floor and as lush and dazed while still having  fits of hollering rage. Please check out this album, the links and sounds are below.

“A Straight Line” is a great teaser consisting of roughly 5 minutes of minimal power electronics that ignites a sense of meditation as well as a pulse of rhythm so there’s more complexity in it’s cohesive “oneness” than is contained in the individual parts such as the subtle goth/electro textures amongst the frizzy synth static cloud.

“Close Breath” reminds me of a more electro/darkwave version of Degenerate Slug’s “I Smell the Stench of You Menstrual Blood….”, mostly in the twisted writhing painful vocal style that sort of squirms beneath the synth, shrieks distortedly while being slightly mimicked in rhythm by the vibrating industrial saber sounds.

“The Wolf is Dread” is old school synth based goth circa late 70’s, early to mid 80’s. The vocals are spoken, but have that deep voice goth/deathrock tinge to them and the synth backdrop is a classic trance inducing melody, very 80’s analogue…all soft, warm, fuzzy and foggy. I sort of think of some of the old Wax Trax releases a bit, early early Ministry circa Twitch, with the percussion and driving dance oriented rhythms removed. Sort of like “naked industrial” (?)

“Absence” closes out the album with unique choppy synth layer feathered over a piano and a moderate rumbling bass tone beneath. The choppy synth does that great whooshing in and out where it goes from soft to loud almost like it’s really something moving around you.