Nachvorst are a highly underrated band and I’d like to help change that as much as I can. I really enjoyed their 2009 album Stills (Black Devastation Records), which was their first full-length and am equally impressed with their sophomore full-length, Silence. This time around they are less of an atmospheric black metal band as they vary their sound through incorporating a bit of funeral doom, Alcest/Lifelover post metal drifting, some serious riffing, psychedelia, and stoner vibes. All of which, in combination, yield a serious brain blur of bliss and chaos simultaneously.

Silence starts out with the 11-minute funeral doom/death doom influenced “The Serpents Tongue” that has the suffocating riffs and tone of a funeral doom song but the pace is kept throbbing with a steady bass pulse as opposed to the glacial drone typical of some funeral doom acts. The band also drifts off into a post metal stretch for the last half of the song ranging from fluid and ghostly atmospheric post metal to a mega sonic explosive free-for-all while the lead guitar wails like an eerie siren underneath the rhythmic current.

“Nightwinds” is a colossal beast of black metal that is actually border lining on some blackened sludge, in fact Black Cobra briefly come to mind. The potent ingredient on here is the infectious bassline that weaves aggressively in and out and over the mix. That bassline is also more doom and stoner than black metal but it’s for that reason as well that it works so well here as it wraps around your neck pulling you into the incoming post metal undertow of black emotional fury and haunting revelations.

“Gentle Notice of a Final Breath” is another complex brew of spacey post rock/post metal haze comprised of intricate melodies bearing resemblance to a sort of a My Bloody Valentine shoe gaze, goth/death rock vibe similar to Dhampyr’s White Fire Laudanum album. And yet again there’s a pumping bassline, this time more deathrock and goth than doom stoner but still as powerful.

“A Way of Silence” begins with a psychedelic fuzzed out intro that builds from soft to loud with a seismic burst of distortion that gives it a good fuzzy texture that is clear and still a bit muddy giving the song an almost heavy psyche/stoner leaning with beefy guitar tones and the right amount of effect that simply put, really fucking works, especially when they start gaining momentum and alternating rhythms keeping it catchy, colossal, and grooving. The vocals during the heavy resonating portions are raspy black metal shrieks while other times the vocals seem almost like a ghostly whisper behind the simple early Cure like melody that comes into play about 6 minutes in and lasts for about 3 minutes. During this time the song builds up smoothly beneath a plume of druggy smoke as the song comes to a head with an explosively sonic and emotional ending combining raspy black metal shrieks, clean vocals behind the mix, some almost death doom growls amidst collisions of whirring distortion ending with an almost communal storm of rhythm between both guitar and drums.

It’s taken me some time to fully translate the experience of listening to Silence mostly due to the diversity of their sound and trying to legitimately capture the many intricacies on here. It’s also amazing to me how they mix so many styles together flawlessly into something that is breathtaking and entrancing but never loses the fury and aggressiveness behind their creations. I really hope that some of you will check these guys out and keep bands like this developing into something worthwhile.