Colorado’s Silencer bring a mix of aggressive thrash and epic hard rock to the table on ‘The Great Bear’, the band’s third full-length album. Clean production and tight musicianship make for a solid release from start to finish, giving just enough of each genre to stay interesting throughout.

After the obligatory intro track, ‘The Great Bear’ opens with ‘I Am Thunder’ a fully-loaded assault of driving rhythm and epic chorus that draws in listeners with it’s double bass attack. The more mid-paced title track, along with ‘Insignia’, are more obscure, with their focus on melody and vocals. The warm guitar tones on ‘Star City’ (parts 1 and 2) eased my frustration with the previously mentioned tracks. Blues lead and guitar work brings the power / stoner rock fan out in me and although I have heard better, I have certainly heard worse. A mere 4:33 makes up the duration of the longest track on ‘The Last Bear’, titled ‘Orders / Noble Sacrifice’. Harmonious dual guitars, dynamic and powerful when both clean and crunchy, complete this track on top of a solid rhythm section.

Although Silencer is a bit more aggressive towards the albums end with tracks like ‘The Roar’ and ‘Light’, the album is much too short for all that it presents. With 11 tracks over 29 minutes and two or three songs being instrumentals, I feel like the band could have and should have done more as opposed to just meet a deadline. The material is well-performed but feels a bit rushed and for that reason, I may find myself researching their back catalog as well as looking forward to their next effort.