Tell us of your new album, Honey from the Lips of an Angel! How long has it been in the creative process?

Depends on the song. Cigarette for instance was originally written about six years ago but has evolved over time. A song like the Mighty Bulge, which is the newest song on the album took about the length of the song to write.

What is the history of The Fat Dukes of Fuck? Tell the fans what they must know! Is this your first album or…?

It’s our third. But it’s the first that we have had an actual drummer. The other two albums are called You and Your Opinion and A Nasty Name for a Nasty Thing, and were made when we were a two piece.

Each track is catchy and crude, is there a central songwriter or do you write as a whole band?

No. Everyone has input. We write songs kind of like you would if you were writing for a sit-com. Someone will come up with a riff, a title, or some words and we’ll build on that together. Even old songs that were written before Jeremy and Jason joined the band get reworked ‘til everyone is happy.

From where does the band draw inspiration, other than adult films and magazines, I assume…? Musically and otherwise?

Each other mostly. At first when we were just a two piece, all the songs came from all the crazy shit that was happening at our apartment complex, it was in kind of a rough neighborhood. The first lines of Cigarette are from an argument we overheard while writing it. Now most of the time it comes from mistakes and misunderstanding other people. Then we just egg each other on until we piss ourselves from laughter. Whiskey is also extremely inspirational.

What is the message behind some of the album artwork? The cover art is self-explanatory but the interior offers a burning church and a quotable hippie…

The hippie in question is actually all of our faces put together.

Honestly there really isn’t a message other than we all have a pretty dark sense of humor. Brent came up with the concept and did a mockup in photoshop. From there Athenas took it and ran with it. She did an excellent job! The original paintings are amazing! They glow! I wish more people could see them, but not enough that I will let someone in my house.

What were some of the ideas or goals you had when wanting to write an album called Honey from the Lips of an Angel?

We just wanted to make an album we all would listen to if we weren’t in the band. It’s music custom made for the four of us. The main goal for this album as opposed to the others was to use less gratuitous noise in between the songs.

The material sounds good and contains great performances from all members of the band! How do you compare the studio experience versus a live show from The Fat Dukes of Fuck is like?

Thanks! Live is almost a medley of our songs with all sorts of crazy shit happening. The studio experience is more cerebral (relatively of course). The songs can be longer and there’s more going on sonically.

I can image The Fat Dukes of Fuck put on a killer show and can fill a club. What are some of the highlights of the band’s history? What are some of the memories you would rather forget?

The highlights are happening right now! The album is getting great reviews! The one we’d all like to forget was when we played in Salem Or. for Brent’s bachelor party. The place was packed and we were too drunk to play. Phil and Pat from Demon Lung had to hold Jason upright the whole show and Brent took off all of his clothes. This is all available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube.

Your promo was sent to me by Clawhammer PR, who normally works with extreme black and death metal bands. What is your audience like? Do you have a set group of fans or do fans of more extreme genres dig your sound as well (if they don’t, they fuckin’ should!)?

Thanks again! The majority of our audience seems to be alchoholic gen Xers and Yers like us. We also see a lot of punks and rockabilly types. Mostly people with a wide range of musical tastes.

Honey from the Lips of an Angel was self-released, yes? Why did you choose this route of release. Do you plan on working with a label in the future? Why or why not?

Yes, it was self released. So far it’s our only option. No plans to work with a label but we are open to anything. Im pretty sure anyone who values their career would not want to ruin it by adding us to their roster. By the way, do record labels still exist?

Are there other bands or projects that members of The Fat Dukes of Fuck are involved in? Why or why not?

Our drummer Jeremy is also the drummer for Demon Lung. He loves the sludge!

What does the future hold for The Fat Dukes of Fuck? Is there more material waiting to be recorded, shows to play, tours, etc.?

We want to take this album as far as it can go. We have one video made (you should be seeing that in a matter of days) and want to do another one as soon as possible. The next album is pretty much all written. We never stop writing. It’s a lot more fun than remembering how to play our old shit.

The last words are yours!

Beaver, crotch, titties, anus, nipple, sausage, tweenis, and beaver again because it’s so important!