1/ Please give our readers a brief introduction to Ad Patres and a history of the band!

Sébastien “Canard” Brouchican (guitars): Hi, Ad Patres is a death metal band from Bordeaux, France it was born in the end of 2008 when Arnaud, Julien And I met Alsvid in a bar a short time after our former band split. He was himself without a band so we gave it a try and after a little practice, things started to get together. After a few months, Olivier joined which allowed more complex writing as well as a thicker sound. When Julien learned that he had to move to Paris, Axel joined in turn and we played with two singers for a while and we recorded our first demo just before Julien left. We did quite a lot of gigs at the time, including the 2011 edition of Hellfest Open Air. Meanwhile the writing of our album was done and we started recording in the summer of 2011. After recording and taking some time to sign a deal, “Scorn Aesthetics” was released last september.

2/ Scorn Aesthetics is your first full length, how would you describe it to the uninitiated?

First of all, it’s a great album and you should totally buy it!! More seriously, “Scorn Aesthetics” is a death metal record which draws from the death metal classics from the nineties while sounding modern. It has this direct, uncompromising touch there is on the albums we all love in the band, more focused on the energy delivered than on pure technical skills. Also through all our different experiences we all bring a personal touch which makes it an interesting and enjoyable record to listen to. I hope so!

3/ Ad Patres has previously released a demo and an EP. How would you say your sound or direction has changed since those first releases? Why or why not?

First of all, our demo and the split tape we released with Writhing were the same material, the opportunity to re-edit our demo as a split tape with this killer band from Detroit came up and we judged it a really good idea. As for your question there hasn’t been much change in the sound, we had great feedback about the sound of the demo so we just went back to work with Mat from Gorod for “Scorn Aesthetics”, we didn’t want it to sound overproduced like you can hear nowadays and we’re really pleased with the result once again. The music itself hasn’t changed much either, it might be a bit more complex than it was when we started which is a natural process, but if you listen to ‘Anti’, which is one of the first songs we played, and ‘Emphasize Nihility’, which is the last one written for the album, I don’t think there is that much difference…

4/ How long was the material that is heard on Scorn Aesthetics in the writing phase? It seems with the intensity of the music coupled with the ability of the band it would a lot of time to write such a brutal album…

We’re not furious writers. The pace is actually quite slow between the writing process and the practice to have everything in place and balanced, it took us more than a year to fully write “Scorn Aesthetics”. Like all bands we have phases were songs just come out of our brains, and some other where we just have to sit down and think about it, fight about it and sometimes just forget about it. If all the songs we dropped would have been recorded the album would be a lot longer but might not have the same quality…

5/ The music on Scorn Aesthetics isn’t exactly technical death metal but Ad Patres is still quite accomplished in their musianship! How do you balance your style when writing? Do you ever feel like being more techinical and sacrifice brutality or vice versa?

Well the balance comes naturally because first, I don’t have the technical mastery Olivier has and second, I have rather simpler tastes than his. So the guitar works tend to balance themselves for example in the end of ‘All That Remains’, there is a moment when we all calm down after a couple of furious blasting riffs except Olivier which was like “Ok! What if when you slow down I go twice as fast?!” and in the end I think it’s one of the finest parts in the record. It’s not actually a choice in itself we don’t go “let’s make this more technical or more brutal”, it’s about how it sounds in the end, we try different things and just choose what fits the best in both sound and intensity!

6/ How did your relationship with Kaotoxin Records come to be? The label was formed in 2010 and Ad Patres in the same year (I think). Was there a previous relationship?

As I said earlier, Ad Patres was born in 2008 so it’s not related. We decided to work with Kaotoxin because Nico was really excited about the release, we were in touch with several record labels but none of them seemed as ready as Kaotoxin to make everything possible for “Scorn Aesthetics” to be heard as widely as possible. We didn’t have any previous relationships with him apart from our buddies Insain signing with Kaotoxin earlier this year but if it was to be done, I’d do it again without hesitation, it’s a small record label but it has more energy to promote his bands than a lots of established labels.

7/ What is the recording process like for Ad Patres? Do you labor over each individual drum hit and detail or try and capture the live moment and track everything as a band at once?

A bit of both, we really wanted the tracks to keep a natural feeling, most of the drums part were recorded one-shot and not touched much afterwards. We did record individually but tried to record tracks which required as less editing as possible. The thing is, we really took our time to record, each of us did his part in a different place, sometimes several weeks apart to ensure our part from what was already recorded, it was quite a task for Mat during the mix but he did great with combining all that.

8/ What about the stage? How do you describe an Ad Patres show? I feel sorry for bands who may have to go on after you, since you would have already killed everyone in the crowd!

Hehe thanks a lot!! An Ad Patres show could be described as “a bunch of caterpillar driver rioting with machine guns during an earthquake”. We really give all of ourselves during gigs no matter what, whether it’s in a small underground club or a big stage. And for the band who play after them you don’t have much to worry about, the crowd is usually prepared for several battles. We recently played in our hometown with our labelmates from Dehuman and the legendary Master and those kind of bands don’t have anything to fear from us, they’re good enough for the audience to say “screw my neck!! I’ll wear a neck brace at work!!”

9/ Which medium does Ad Patres prefer for experiencing their art? The contemplative and reflective studio album or the furious experience of the stage?

I for one, and I think all of us are, am a stage person! I like to see an audience go crazy and the heads bang. I’m not very reflective actually, I’m more direct than that. It’s always a great thing to see an immediate reaction to your music, there’s no waiting for the mixing and everything. You play, they enjoy (or not, but I don’t want to talk about it, hehe) you drink beers with them, it was great, let’s do it again!!!

10/ Tell me about the artwork on Scorn Aesthetics! The cover image is quite detailed and there is a really nice 12 page booklet in the CD case. How much influence does the band have in the artwork and why this particular design to match your sound?

The artwork is from Svartwerk, run by Xenoyr, who is also the singer of Australia’s Ne Obliviscaris. It’s shaped after the lyrics of the song ‘Scorn Aesthetics’ which deals about the staging of suicide in the collective consciousness. We sent the text and the song to Svartwerk and he came out with a first attempt, which was already brilliant and we worked from that point. First the external layout, then the booklet. The fact that he lives in Australia slowed down the process a bit but in the end we are really happy with this artwork. First because it looks damn good and then because it matches the song that inspired it really good.

11/ What does the immediate future hold for Ad Patres? What about the long term goals?

It’s a fact that some of the members are going for a drink tonight, but that might be too immediate for you. Seriously, we’re doing everything we can to promote “Scorn Aesthetics” right now and we will for some time. We’re trying to get some cool gigs and to get booked into some really cool fests for next summer. We also started working on some new material for a next release so stay alert for the new stuff!! I can’t say we have real long term goals, we don’t mean to take over the world or anything, just keep playing the music we like in cool places and with cool bands, keep writing new stuff to break some more necks and releasing new albums (or split, or tapes or whatever comes around).

12/ The last words are yours!

First, thank you for the interview and the support, we really appreciate it!! And for those who read, thanks for reading, check us out when you can, you can also check our other projects like Seth or Unbreathable!
Cheers and stay brutal!!