Bass/feedback rumble sounding like a building collapsing beneath the screeching metallic whirring and analog loop effects which suddenly stop for a creepy almost sci-fi ambient break as the dust settles from the explosive power electronic fury as strange robotic and alien electronic frequencies emerge post apocalypse.  This is the beginning of a power electronic/sci-fi/conspiracy theory title track mind fuck, “Machinene Unter Kontorlle”. The essence of this track is that of a mechanical/cyber intelligence takeover spiraling inward as the sharp screeching grinding metal tones pay homage to 70’s-80’s industrial.

“Manifestation of Fear (3rd Version)”, my standout track,  begins with phaser fire zaps and dingy motorized humming approaching from a distance as the invasive forces move through the post apocalyptic rubble. As the oncoming barrage of droids come even closer into the vicinity the volume of their totalitarian march gradually increases as do the amount of sounds incorporated, including: crashing, clanking, stomping rhythmic booms, and even some analog synth. Some of the sounds generated here go beyond technical jargon as Death Factory, a.k.a Micheal Krause, is a master manipulator and power electronics whiz who never fails to actually compose random, sometimes harsh, and familiar electronic sounds and effects into something that serves as some 70’s-80’s horror meets PURE industrial narrative versus challenging ones tolerance to various eardrum bursting frequencies, not to mention that he’s been doing this since the 80’s.

There’s a sort of Nurse with Wound tape loop, shuffle pattern that is omnipresent on M.U.K. as are Einsturzende Neubauten’s purely industrial sound sources drenched in electronic distortion, feedback, reverb, delay…and everything else. Every track has a distinct rhythm, one that tends be percussive even though there’re no drums present or in use, and even though the sounds are not exactly melodic or musical in the traditional sense DF always crafts them into being so, not to forget how smooth the songs flow. If you’re at all familiar with clanking and shrill tones of Dissecting Table, the sonic continual pulses of Brighter Death Now, and the brilliantly “industrial” atmospherics of Kristoffer Nystroms Orkester and Sektor 304 then Death Factory will bring to you a hodgepodge of those familiar sounds, but in a form unlike ever heard before.

Brace yourself, this one is a doozy. REAL Industrial, REAL  Power Electronics!!!!

Here’s a stream of the closer “Demitri’s Dilemma”, dedicated to the film Beyond the Door (1974)