Demonologists essentially bring absolute debauched supernatural horror to life in all of their creations, but with this LP I really think they went above and beyond fear inducing, mind-fucking madness. For those unfamiliar with this act, it’s best to say that with this album they are a hypnotic concoction of violent black metal with absolutely no bass cranked up on treble with a machine gun for a drum machine, at least for the opening track “Trenchant Flesh Monolith”. Toward the end of the album they drift toward screeching hissing power electronic layers and muffled dark horror ambient that’ll freeze the skin off your bones.

I honestly can’t listen to this LP without envisioning some sort of violent poltergeist haunting. The production and composition of the album as a whole as well as the individual tracks almost convincing portray field recordings of supernatural/demonic activity that even with the manipulations it’s still completely inhuman and not of the flesh.