Reviews tend to be longwinded, like a hot and silent beer fart, and many times it’s not necessary to spend more time trying to describe something than there is actual audio. We all live in a busy time and so why not review more in depth, without succumbing to diarrhea of the written word? The briefness in no way reflects on the quality of the release, if I think it sucks or just don’t feel it then I simply don’t review it.

Engorgement are a four-piece form the UK and make their debut with Excruciating Intestinal Lacerations, rancid and extremely infectious brutal death metal not unlike a less technical and more bass loaded Malignancy.  “Ejaculation Over Defiled Human Remains” is a massive bass fronted sonic anal rosary job using barbed wire, ripped from but still connected to an electric fence. The pig squeal leads are present as are the hammering bludgeoning pick axe riffs shoving the shit back in ones anus violently enough to cause fecal vomiting spasms.

The songs are all solidly grooving and rhythmic, no awkward arhythmic technical plays to give that all too annoying interruption of the hang banging anthem foundation. There is also variation between the rhythmic flow of each song within itself and how it fits with the others keeping the album cohesive and ironically smooth for something with jarbled vomit-barked vocals and song titles like “Fornicating the Disfigured” and “Paraplegic Punch Bag”. The orgy of vomiting at the end of “Fornicating the Disfigured” on top of a grade A death metal delivery seals the deal in my book. This is an under-represented and overlooked smoldering red hot stake through the eyes!!!!