Death hails to NOMINON Your new album, ‘The Cleansing’, is out now on Deathgasm Records! Tell us about this crushing collection of curses!

PERRA: It’s a collection of nine songs (ten on the LP) that were all written between last summer and April 2012. After some studio issues we ended up recording the whole thing at a locally based tiny little hole here in Jonkoping, Sweden called Studio Hell, that is owned by a guy called Robert Ericsson, who also helped us to record the album. After the recording was done I flew down to Barcelona, Spain, to mix and master the album together with Javi Feléz in his studio Moontower. The final result came out so fucking brutal and authentic to the core that some people might get sick when listening to “The Cleansing”!

What aspects of your music or sound have you explored on ‘The Cleansing’, if any?

PERRA: More intensity, more brutality, much more variation compared to the previous albums I’d say.

JUHA: Alex brought some cool influences into the band with his neck breaking riffs. ‘The Cleansing’ made everyone perform at their best. There’s an overall energy on the album that makes me feel fifteen years younger. I think we took a step further away from the Swedish sound and made it clearer that we have a lot more influences that most people tend to think.

AC: It became a lot more “Thrashy” than I expected, but that’s just how we work, we do what we want. Sound wise we wanted it raw and filthy, not so polished as the ones before and I think that we managed to get it.

What was the recording and writing process like for ‘The Cleansing’? Did you get to spend as much time in the studio as you wanted or were you ready to get out of the studio and onto the stage?

AC: With the new blood in the band it was pretty easy, Alex came up with ideas all the time. The time in the studio was enough but it would be cool to spend more time recording and really nail it. But time is money and mammon is not our god.

PERRA: We wrote and arranged the album together as a band more or less, at our rehearsal room. That is how we usually work things out in NOMINON. We didn’t really spent that much time in the studio in my humble opinion, since all the songs was written before we entered Studio Hell. One odd thing is that the first rehearsal we had after the album was recorded, we actually played the whole album from start to finish, that certainly is something that we haven’t done before. I like it, I think that is something very positive, that a band is compatible and actually can play all their songs live (or at rehearsals) you know.

Did NOMINON work with a producer on ‘The Cleansing’? Why or why not?

AC: No we did not work with a producer, why should we? We are what we are. Working with a producer would probably only result in a black hole in our economy and giving us nothing. And if you are not a member of NOMINON how could you know what we want? The person would probably end up with a psychosis due to the fact that we are who we are!

PERRA: We pretty much recorded it ourselves together with lots of obvious help from the owner/engineer Robert Ericsson, but when it comes to producing and such things, well, it’s hard to say who actually produced the damn album?! We all did, pretty much, but I guess that I was the person who spent the most time during the whole recording process at the studio and I had a say in almost every little fucking detail. Then again, I was also the only band member who was mixing the album together with Javi down in Barcelona, so I guess one could say that I am the one main guys to blame on how things ended up on the actual album.

What is the best way to experience NOMINON, on the stereo or on the stage? Why?

AC: Both! On the stereo because we don’t play live often enough. Live because we are NOMINON and we are everything that you want to be!

JUHA: It depends. If you’re really trying to get into the song structures then you should put it on a stereo. If you haven’t listened carefully then don’t care to review it, don’t pretend to have an opinion. The shows will add an extra dimension to it. The only way to witness a real massacre and to breathe the contempt is to see us live.

PERRA: Of course it is in a live situation. The energy is one thing, the feeling of getting ran over by a tank is another.

It has been roughly two and a half years since your last full length, ‘Monumentomb’ but NOMINON has remained very active with an EP and a handful of splits with Graveyard, Kommandant and Exorcism. Can we expect more releases to follow this new album, material left over from the recording sessions?

PERRA: Right now we don’t have any plans for any further split releases or ep’s in the nearest of future, no. We have already been writing one new song after the album was done though, I guess we will save that one for the coming album. Thanks for noticing though that we have been active and releasing quite a bunch of material these last 2,5 years. People always tend to complain on us for not releasing enough music, I just don’t get it anymore?! This band have released five official studio albums, two CD collection of rare demo tracks, several ep’s and MCD’s, splits and other shit since the debut album back in 1999, and people still complain that it’s taking too much time between the albums. I just seriously don’t get it!?

How does Nominon stay fresh and creative? With so many releases under your bullet belts, do you ever feel a need to ‘re-invent’ your sound or take it to the next extreme? Why or why not?

JUHA: We stay true to our roots which keep us creative and focused. We just keep doing what comes naturally. There’s no need to develop, we have no intentions to evolve to stay interesting or something. If this is not good enough then there are plenty of experimental bands to jerk off to.

AC: NOMINON stay fresh with no problem, members come and members go, new blood in and old blood out. The sound progress keeps rolling as the world gets more and more fucked up and that itself fuels the hate and we create more brutality!

PERRA: Just to continue under the banner of NOMINON feels like re-inventing the dark powers from Hell at times, writing music with friends and make some of the best Death Metal out there is a good reason to continue. To stay fresh is for pussies, we’re here to compose and perform Death Metal, no more no less. We are varied enough as it is I’d say, and we still stay true to our roots and stick to our guns of mixing Black and Death Metal.

What inspires NOMINON to write and be creative, both lyrically and musically? Why?

PERRA: The main inspiration for us is the hatred towards most of the humans that are walking on this earth, towards mankind, to the fake fucking plastic garbage retarded people that are not even worthy to walk on this planet.

AC My inspiration is pure hate, I feed of it and it makes me more creative.

There are a good number of bands you have shared splits with in the past, as named above. If you could share a release with any other band, active or split up, who would it be and why?
PERRA: Most likely INCANTATION because they are some of the coolest motherfuckers on earth.

JUHA: Whiplash. Simply for the huge impact they have made on my life.

AC: In Death Metal I would choose AUTOPSY and IMMOLATION due to the fact that they are the best. And a split with Chris Holmes would be super, he is one of the coolest guitar players ever. He has that total fuck off attitude and a total rebel, I would say he is the last true fucking rebel of rock `n´roll. A hero!

What are some of the most challenging aspects of being in NOMINON? What are some of the greatest rewards?

JUHA: First it would be easier if all lived in the same area even if the distances are OK. On a more personal level it is a challenge to find enough time to spend on band related stuff since I’m the one with kids and family. The best is when we focus on song-writing and when you’ve got another murderous tune coming.

AC: Getting the band on the road is the hardest thing I would say! Greatest reward is going on tour and meet those loyal to the band. Hang out with them drinking and having a good time that is the best. Play live and give our best and turn people on to NOMINON, spreading the plague.

PERRA: The reward is to stay up all night, answering interviews and reading raving reviews, answering more interviews. Writing songs, doing shows and meeting some crazy fuckers around the world. The challenge is to continue doing the above without losing the grip on reality, because NOMINON are still a underground band and we first and foremost write and perform Death Metal because we want to do it ourselves, and not to please any other cunts that think that they can make some fast cash by ripping us off.

What other projects are members of NOMINON involved in, if any?

PERRA: I am involved in some other Metal acts, been drumming with DIE HARD (Thrash Metal) from Uppsala, Sweden since March 2011. I have also been helping various other bands over the years when they have being in need of a drummer, like DESTROYER 666, BENEDICTION, BERGRAVEN, INTERMENT etc. I like to play drums and therefore I work hard to stay busy doing so as much as possible.

What does the immediate future hold for NOMINON? What about in five years, where will the band be then?

AC: In December we will do a show with UNLEASHED, that will be fucken cool. I have waited a long time to share stage with them, it will be the best show in Sweden in years. In five years I hope we will be on the road, super drunk somewhere going anywhere doing everything rock `n´roll the Death Metal way that only NOMINON can do!

PERRA: I guess we will be around for another five years, but you never know, do you?! I mean, some of us might die tomorrow. Nothing is forever, and we certainly have learn the hard way to take nothing for granted. What I do know is that next year we will celebrate 20 years as a band, if we are still around. It would be perfect to get a proper 20-year anniversary album released with songs from the early period of the band and up till today. We have also been talking a few years now already about doing a DVD, but nothing has been decided yet however that will happen or not, so we’ll see?!

JUHA: First of all we celebrate the cleansing of the world as we know it. NOMINON will continue to operate in the Death Metal underground. In a couple of years we are doing more shows and bringing the plague to more victims.

The last words are yours!

AC: Support NOMINON and the underground movement! Buy our stuff so we get cash to tour!

PERRA: Thanks for the interview and support. If you like hand made and bloodthirsty Death Metal from beyond, check us out. for further details, band info, merchandise etc etc. Hail the hordes.