Swedish noise/power electronics craftsman Sewer Election delivers some seriously violent sonic annihilation with touches of hypnotic droning electronics on Sex/Death.  The title hymn from Hell “Sex/Death” is 30:25 minutes of rumbling distorted bass explosions and white noise crackles that feels heavy and deadly, sort of like what I would imagine it would feel like to have ones ears right next to a jet engine turbine right before lift-off. Now there are also a lot of subtle tones buried in the plumes of current, some of which almost sound like a jazz horn player practicing solo, so there’s nothing boring or monotonous about this … but it IS best heard on a louder setting. Loud means that you not only get the separation of the various sound elements, but it makes the incredibly dense bass-like explosions actually tighten up your lungs like being squeezed to death by a python.

“Death” , unlike “Sex/Death”, is a very strange and seductive tune. It also has a weird sort of out-of-tune horn thing going on with some warm static whirring and even more whirring as this sort of spiraling sound continually approaches, getting louder and more defined, sort of like the Doppler effect told through experimental electronics. Also unlike the controlled chaos of “Sex/Death”  this one has a lot of breathing room and feels looser, sort of like a later John Coltrane or an Ornette Coleman composition being done with pure electronics rather than horns and organic instruments. “Death” is ironically loungy and “free” for a noise/power electronic track, but it works perfectly to balance the shrill screeching feedback wail fest “Sex” and the throbbing suffocation by “Sex Death”.

“Sex” is the dirtiest and rawest of the three tracks on here, which is very fitting for the track titled “Sex” although the piercing high pitched feedback squalls and siren-like teeth grinding frequencies eventually deepen into a controlled storm of rusty subway tracks grinding as sonic ball of bass tone fuzz similar to that heard in “Sex/Death”.

This is definitely not music for the sensitive, but for those can stand their ringing and eyes squinting Sewer Election is a rewarding, mind bending, colossal carnival of electronic brain scrambling ecstasy. Alongside Sewer Election I also highly recommend Fire in the Head, Richard Ramirez, and The Cherry Point for some additional mental molestation.