Give us a brief history of THE BEYOND! Where, when, how and why did THE BEYOND become the black metal monstrosity that it is?

Well, first off i’d like to state that we aren’t a black metal band, although we have a good bit of old school black metal influence. Our material is much more punk rock influenced than most bands in the “metal scene.” I started The Beyond as a three piece in early 2010. We have since then become a four piece in which I am the only original member.

You have released two splits in your discography, both with HPGD Productions. How did your relationship with the label come to be?

Yea, I met Mike Juliano (HPGD) through some friends out in Philly. He was down with releasing The Beyond’s material almost immediatly. HPGD is primarily a heavy metal record label, but he has a nice variety in the bands he releases. Eat My Fuk is my favorite release he has so far, which is total toilet rock GG Allin worship. They ruuuule! haha

Your first split was with The Blood Meridian, the second with The Lurking Corpses. Do you feel the band has evolved or changed in sound or ideology from one release to the next? Why or why not?

Well, The Blood Meridian/The Beyond split CD kinda happened by accident. The Blood Meridian is my old punk band. We wanted to do a split CDwith another band we are friends with, who were dragging their feet on getting their material recorded. So, I pitched the idea of having both my bands on the split, so we could get the cd out quicker. We recorded The Beyond side of the split at my own home studio. We wanted to go with a really raw production quality for our first release, so i figured it would be easier to just record it myself instead of going to another recording studio. The Lurking Corpses have been good friends of mine for quite some time now. We wanted to do a split 7″ vinyl, and The Lurking Corpses are one of the best bands going on right now. So I hit Shane Von Ghoul (frontman of The Lurking Corpses) up and we started planning out our split, Gross Encounters of the Sacrificial Rite. Mike Juliano was all about releasing it as soon as I brought it up to him. The rest is pisstory

How do you desribe your sound to new potential fans? What about jaded snobs or pri-maddonna posers?

We are a metal/punk band through and through. d beat/blast beat driven, that pretty much sums it up. I’d like to flatter myself and say that we sound like the outcome of if GG Allin, Dark Throne, and Zeke started a band together. haha

What other projects are members of THE BEYOND a part of, if any?

Our drummer, Lucas, is in a melodic black metal band called Horde of the Eclipse. They are awesome!!!! The other three of us, Cray Cray, R:W, and myself, are all in Algol, which we are bringing back from the grave sometime next year. I also have my own goth/electronica solo project, which is currently untitled. But I have over a full length album worth of material recorded for. I’ve also been talking with Shane Von Ghoul (The Lurking Corpses) about doing a project together…more on that in the future.

How do songs usually come to be? Is there a central songwriter or do you write and record as a band?

I write all the material, usually when I’m wasted. I bring the material to practice and we iron out all the kinks as a band. We usually all contribute ideas on topics for song lyrics, I write all the lyrics though. Sometimes I write lyrics and then decide what the song should sound like based on lyrical content. Other times I write the music first and then write lyrics to go along with the music.

What are some of the things that set THE BEYOND apart from other black metal bands that we may hear?

Like I mentioned, we aren’t a black metal band. There is a lot of early 90s Norwegian black metal influence in our material, ie-Dark Throne, Burzum, Dodheims Gard, Gorgoroth, etc. but a lot of punk rock influence as well, ie-GG Allin, The Casualties, The Misfits (Danzig era of course), The Dwarves, etc. Some songs have a more straight up black metal sound, others a more total punk rock sound. Then there are the songs that are a metal/punk mix.

What is the best way to experience a THE BEYOND on the stereo or on the stage?

At this point I would probably say live. The material on The Blood Meridian/The Beyond split didn’t totally turn out how we wanted. We recorded the two songs on our side of the Gross Encounters… 7″ with Chris Grigg (Woe) and overall they turned out much better. We are recording all of our new material at Welfare Line Studio, engineered by Mike Kershner, frontman from American Speedway, who we plan to do another split 7″ with in early 2013. We love to play live, and like a lot of punk rock bands, our material comes across better live. But I have over two albums worth of material written and ready to record. I suppose the public would be able to answer that question better than me.

Forbidden’s own Nate Vaught was responsible for some artwork and is handling the cover to ‘The Pussy Warlock’, an upcoming full length? How did you two meet (I should know, but can’t remember)? How does his artwork embody your sound?

Yea, R:W (bassist of The Beyond) got in contact with Nate and brought his artwork to our attention. Nate’s style is awesome! Totally fits the ideas I’ve been coming up with. He did a nazi zombie drawing to go in our upcoming full length, Frostbitepanzerfuck. We also plan to put the nazi zombie picture on a zip up hoodie we are getting printed up. The picture for The Pussy Warlock is a work in progress. The Pussy Warlock is a new song we have, that we plan to put on our second album. We have a lot planned as far as releases are concerned. I am really inspired by 70s/80s horror. Nate’s style seems to fit the ideas I have been coming up with, so we decided to give him a go. It has been working well so far.

What else can you tell us about an upcoming full length album? Will it have material as yet unreleased?Is HPGD putting it out? Is it recorded, written, etc.? Is it gonna fucking kill everything?!?!

We are going into the studio next week to record Frostbitepanzerfuck, an eight song full length album which will feature six unreleased tracks, a rerecording of the title track which first appeared on The Blood Meridian/The Beyond split cd, and a cover of Cunt Sucking Cannibal by GG Allin, featuring Keegan from El Guano doing guest vocals with me. We plan to go back into the studio a month or two later to record another full length album, yet to be named. The second album will feature nine more unreleased tracks, a cover of Iron Fist by Motorhead, and a bonus live track. We also have a few other releases we will be featured on. We have two tracks, an unreleased song called Nun Punisher and a cover of The Reaper by Bathory going on an old school thrash compilation cd called Thrashed Again! which will be released on Zodiak Killer Records, a cover of Bluebell Heart, by Dodheims Gard to go on a Norwegian black metal compilation that I am helping HPGD organize and release, and two more unreleased songs to go on a split 7″ with American Speedway. So we have our work cut out for us for a little while.

THE BEYOND doesn’t wear corpsepaint but sometimes sounds like a band that does or could. Did you in the past and not now? Why? What does fucking fashion have to do with evil music, anyway?

We wore corpse paint on The Blood Meridian/The Beyond split cd, but I never intended on us continuing to do it. Once in awhile we may do it for fun, but the corpse paint doesn’t really fit The Beyond as a whole.

In regard to that question, doesn’t the Lurking Corpses wear full blown skeleton outfits on stage or am I mistaking them for another Indiana band (I am from IN)? How did your split with Lurking Corpses happen? Was it though HPGD or…?

Yea, The Lurking Corpses wear hooded cloaks and monster masks, they are way cool. When we decided we wanted to do a 7″, I immediatly asked those guys if they wanted to do it with us, like I mentioned before. We have done a good many shows with those guys over the last year/year and a half. We all love seeing those guys perform live. I have their cds in rotation on a regular basis. I’m pretty sure they have a new album that they are working on and planning to release sometime here. I can’t wait!!!! haha

What does the immediate future hold for THE BEYOND? What about the long terms goals?

Like I said, we have a lot of recording coming up that we are doing. We are doing one show in Delaware on the first saturday of November with a bunch of bands we are friends with, Wet Nightmare/Prone to Violence/Haethen etc. After that we are taking a short break from doing live shows, until like march or april 2013. We would like to do a tour next summer, so hopefully we can get that all worked out. Only time will tell.

The last words are yours!

Thanks for the opportunity to be featured in your zine!!!! Everyone that has supported The Beyond thus far, we will see you on the road next year. Everyone else, go fuck yourself and get AIDS.