Hails! Tell us about the new album, Coming of 2012! I was very impressed by its production and aggressive delivery!

Coming Of 2012 is a philosophical group of ideas that have brought us to our current predicament. Evil in its many natural, yet reactive environments. An evolution of cause and effect to chaotic reality. Mostly divided by some kind of moralistic ploy to separate its existence from being a by-product of our own doing. A judgement of good guys versus bad guys an egotistic struggle to remain better in character than the next person or species.

Like the debut full length, Darkest Grove uses a wide variety of sounds, styles, atmospheres and dynamics to make a really solid album. What is the writing and recording process like?

The writing process is a collection of creative waves that come and go. Ideas usually spawn DG musically and it evolves from there. Sometimes once a few ideas are envisioned the rest is progressively applied to what was initiated. Recording is the second to last step once all the material is ready.

With songs that are averaging 6 or 7 minutes in length, how do you know when a song is ‘done’. When do you know when to stop writing or pull parts of one song and use for another?

This is strictly by coincidence only. The songs evolve naturally and the structure of the songs I believe are a big part of why they turn out the length they do. With the exception of “Return Of The Moonchildren” which was the first song which had a premeditated length of time.

Was there a general idea of what you wanted to accomplish with Coming of 2012? Do you feel like you realized that vision? Why or why not?

Like the first album the general idea was conceptual. Nothing really any different with the new album has occurred, its still conceptual just much more broader than some may think.

Will the full album contain the lyrics? I really want to know what is going on in this album…a 25 minute track titled ‘Return of the Moon Children’ is too mysterious and begs for further explanation!

All of the releases contain the lyrics as relevant as the vocals are decipherable on all DG. Its meant to be that way so you can hear what is being said. Its also prevalent to mention the simplicity, that it is meant easy to hear.

Unfortunately ROTMC is meant to be mysterious for a reason. What I will say is, that this song is for those who speak not through verbal means but through the spirit. The most lonely of individuals in regard to the so called species. Who yearn to return among their own whether they know it or not.

It has been 6 years since the last full length, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. Please give us a brief history of Darkest Grove…

In 2000 DG started from the ashes of another entity, in 2003 the first demo was recorded. In 2006 the debut was recorded. Which brings us to the new album that was recorded in 2011. During all that time songs were being written and structured and the length of time between releases is only relevant to the writing process or time available to process everything. No specific reason for the length between material, however DG cannot stand the idea of putting out albums just to put them out, one after another which I suppose does have some influence.

Is there a relation between Darkest Grove and Forever Plagued Records. Are the songwriter and label-owner one and the same?

DG has a relationship or bond with whomever it happens to work with. Our friends are chosen very wisely for a lifelong term. Relationships are about quality, not quantity. With that being said all correspondence is also done through FPR.

What is the most difficult part of being involved with Darkest Grove? What is the easiest? What is the most rewarding?

Nothing really we accept our fate.

If a listener could take something away from your music, what would it be? How would you want a fan of your work to introduce someone else to it? There is much more going on in Darkest Grove than senseless heavy metal, there is obviously something more profound and eternal…

That it is music with meaning of some sort, that it is more than a shallow hole of egotistical wishes for oneself. Well if they were a fan, I hope they’d be honest and substantial in representing how they viewed the band.

Does Darkest Grove perform live? Why or why not?

DG have not performed live. Mainly because the live atmosphere is not really in spiritual sync with what the band is. The idea has been discussed before and perhaps one day it will happen but I really doubt it will be a normal occurrence and if it did happen it would probably be a very special event.

With so many different moods reflected on Coming of 2012, I must ask: What influences you the most musically? If you could only have a few albums to live with until your last days, what would they be?

If DG had a musical preference it would be very eclectic. I think this statement holds some meaning as to why the music is very varied.

Would probably depend on where I was. Some quality classical stuff like Holtz; planets, Mozart and Phillip Glass, Danny Elfman, Colin Towns etc

What influences you lyrically? Art and literature, science or philosophy?

I think its pretty obvious that lyrically DG is very Philosophical.

The last words are yours!

An Ep, or perhaps a step in a more ambient direction for the next album. Just ideas for now nothing set in stone. Only time will tell. Thanks for your interest in Darkest Grove. Again all correspondence is through FPR, DG has no direct contact.