Tell us of your new release, ‘Human Remains’! This is your first full length, yes? What can fans expect of this album?

Yes, ‘Human Remains’ is our first official full length album. However, we have released a few other demos, during the last 12 years. ‘Human Remains’ is the first in a series of concept albums in which we try to describe a future in which all the worst projections of today have come true. Fans can expect a record full of heavy, groovy, yet melodic songs – each with its own characteristics and highlights. Some may call it Melodic Thrash, some may call it Melodic Death and others find some Metal Core in it – just make your own opininion!

‘Humans Remains’ is self-released, yes? Why the choice to release the album independently?

Nowadays, it’s hard to get a record deal and thus we had no choice but to go independent. Right now we are very happy with the situation as we managed to build up our own little studio which provides us with all the independence we need. The only drawbacks that we see are the limited distribution channels. So, if someone wants to buy the record, he has to do it via our own website, at our gigs or buy MP3’s from amazon, itunes and the likes.

Give Forbidden Readers a brief but brutal history of Declamatory! How, when, why and where did you form?

Alright, the band’s name is Declamatory. We founded it in 2000, at the age of 16, out of passion for Heavy Metal. Of the original line-up only I and Robert are still here. Greg joined the band several years ago, in 2007 I think. Sebastian and Eric both joined the band, after their project “Dethless” broke-up. During the last 12 years, we played hundreds of shows and released several demos and EPs.

What is the songwriting process like for Declamatory? Is there a central songwriter or do you work as a band collectively when being creative?

Toni (guitars) usually composes the instrumentation of all the songs. Then we start rehearsing the songs and everybody tweaks his tracks to his own preferences. I write lyrics and melodies and after a few iterations, the song is finished.

There is a good amount of pit-inducing groove to your music, as well as bomb blasting and dual guitar attacks. What are some of you musical influences and how have they influenced the sound of Declamatory?

We are all influenced by different bands. To name just a few, for me it’s mainly The Haunted, Testament, Slayer and Killswitch Engage. The others are also influenced by bands like In Flames, Soilwork or even Rise Against.

The nice CD package of ‘Human Remains’ includes lyrics to your music. The themes I found therein talk of drug smuggling and abuse. From where do you draw your lyrical influence and why?

Well, I’m sure you’re referring to ‘Night Club Booze Tale’ and ‘The Perfect Drug’. The first one was indeed written after another night of excessive drinking while the latter is part of the story that I’m writing about the people living in like 50 years from now. In this song, a drug is used to subjugate the remaining population of the cities and to make them obedient to the ruling of the ‘Crystal Gods’ – the rulers of future cities.

Declamatory has had several demo releases but this is your first full length? What will become of these previous songs and albums?

Actually, I haven’t thought about this very much. Maybe we will reissue them a collector’s editions with and without re-mastering and/or re-recording.

How has Declamatory evolved since your early days? Have line up changes shifted the vision of the band? Why or why not?

Since we started the band at the age of sixteen without much knowledge of playing instruments, one could say that we evolved very much over the years. This is of course also reflected in the demos that you mentioned earlier.

For me, it’s very important to see how we grew up from the simple beginnings to a band with sophisticated song-writing and a professional attitude.

From my point of view, line-up changes have not shifted the vision of the band very much. We were always driven by the urge to make the music we like and be successful.

What are some of the most rewarding experiences of being in Declamatory? What are the most challenging? Why?

The most rewarding experiences are gigs where real mosh pits ensue. This always pushes me as I feel somehow connected to the audience. This makes concerts really rewarding.

What is the best way to experience Declamatory, on the stage or on the stereo? Why?

On stage, definitely.

What does the next 5 years hold for Declamatory? What about the next 5 months?

5 years: release more albums, play some big festivals

5 months: play some gigs, promote the album, start writing songs for the next album

The last words are yours!

Always be aware that you only have this one life – live it to fullest! Don’t look back, never be sorry, never regret.