Sui Caedere is the title of your new full length on Kaotoxin Records, tell us about this all-powerful release that has been punishing my stereo for a month!

D: Thank you very much for the kind words guys,this is Daniel, vocalist and lyricist in the band. Well, Sui Caedere has been in the making for quite some time, we had some of the tracks on it when we alreday recorded the “Awoken By Crows” EP, and things worked out brilliantly from there.
Kaotoxin have been kind enough to give it a listen and the surprise came shortly after,when, after some elaborated discussions, they gave us the news that Sui Caedere is going to be released through them.

How do you describe your music to the uninitiated? How are you familiar to fans of extreme music but also, what sets you apart from the crowd?

D: Our music is quite simple. Its based in doom metal, with various influences. the music itself is keyboard driven, with heavy riffs,quite complex drumming with very fast double kicks (280-even 300 bpm) and low guttural growls combined with death metal growls,low pitched or high pitched, it’s quite relentless,depressing or melancholic at times,with hints of funeral doom. We have chosen to enlarge our horizons with the intention of reaching a wider range of listeners, hence the variety in our music. we do not feel nor want to be trapped in one genre,or let me just say : pattern, thus we have included the above mentioned elements.

Earlier this year, Kaotoxin also released ‘Awoken by Crows’, an EP of four songs, one of which is also on this album. Having not heard the EP, tell me how the material differs from EP to full length, if at all…

D: The EP does not differ to the album. We actually wanted to offer our listeners a preview to what the album was going to be like. Fair enough,we couldnt show everything in just 3 tracks, so the album came like a surprise for everyone. Even to us. When we finished writing the album,and we were listening to it,we felt very unsettled…It was good though,it meant we have reached our goal to create a complex album that drives the listener to further levels of musical state.

Please give us a brief but entertaining history of the band, Eye of Solitude! I am curious as to your band name, other projects of notoriety, etc.

D: The band was formed 2 years ago,when the writing for “The Ghost” commenced. At the time,the line-up was completely different,myself being the only original member. Yes, you would ask yourself why I’m saying that. And I wish I could answer, but I cant. I just felt the band needs to go onto another direction and that could not be achieved with that line-up.

Then, with Indee (guitars) joining the band, it started to feel a lot better, both personally and professionaly regarding the music,concept,ideology,song writing process,and everything in general.
Little by little we have gone through a musician chase-up and added new musicians to our little family,until the line-up was complete and we were sure enough that the people we have welcomed in the band were exactly who we were looking for.

What are some of the things that influence Eye of Solitude? The included lyrics were a great feature in ‘Sui Caedere’ but tell me, from where does your vision come?

D: We are all influenced by different kinds of music,so variety reigns in Eye Of Solitude haha, our drummer plays in a death trash metal band, bassist and one of the guitarists play in a balckened death metal band so our influences are quite varied.

Lyrics are a subject I dont really like to discuss. but if I were to give a reference to them, I would say that our concepts are based on negativity,despair,inner feelings,nature and all its surroundings.
The vision itself is a wide subject, we dont want to seem something we’re not,thats why it is better to leave this field blank.

Eye of Solitude debuted in 2011 with the self released full length ‘The Ghost’. How has the band changed, if at all, in terms of attitude or approach to songwriting and / or performing?

D: It was a 360 degree turn,but the band itself hasn’t changed one bit,nor the song writing. Performance is one element that has changed indeed. The band is whole now,we are taking on more and more gigs and the atmosphere has changed,once with the new orientation.
“The Ghost” is a very personal album,hence there are no lyrics in the booklet,just small passages and quotes from the whole text. There were no re-prints of this album,I would like to keep it where it is right now: somewhere deep inside.

I noticed a concurrent theme in ‘Awoken by Crows’ and ‘Sui Caedere’ in terms of album artwork. Is the artist a friend, a comissioned designer, or…? How do you feel that the artwork represents the music visually?
D: The artist is a close friend of mine and implicitly of the band’s. He is Giannis Nakos (Mortal Torment) from Greece and -may I say- a fantastic artist. It was a huge pleasure working with him, everything went down naturally,Giannis caught the entire concept in perfect balance with the album title and the ideology behind it.

With having six members in Eye of Solitude, is it ever difficult to make everything work as well as it would if there were only 3 or 4 members? Are members involved in other projects that conflict, etc.?

D: As mentioned above, some of our guys play in other bands too, and of course, that means more struggle with time. But we’re a good team and organize our time efficiently,and we make sure things like gigs,rehearsals,shoots etc do not clash with the other projects, thus everything runs smoothly.

How are songs written? Is there a central songwriter or is material created as a whole band?

D: We all write,it’s one of the good things that can happen to a band. Of course some of us write more than the others,but that has not been an issue amongst us,but a reason to be happy. More material brought to the table and everyone’s input, equals a double win situation hehe.

How does Eye of Solitude approach the studio? Do you rehearse in a practice space and then meticulously craft each instrument in the studio, using it almost like a songwriting tool or does the band like to work impulsively, capturing the best performances from each player?

D: It’s more like a homework based ethic to be honest. We all have the facility of recording demos and then they’re passed onto all the guys in the band. We all bring our input and we make the particular demo track become reality. We then practice  it in the paractice studio and take it from there. We have worked like that since the bands birth and this method hasn’t failed.
We do not have time, literally,to look for the best formulas while practicing. We’d rather work on them at home and bring the ideas in the studio where we try them out.

I ask the previous questions because of the broad scope of sound employed in the music heard on ‘Sui Caedere’. I am curious how Eye of Solitude performs live, what the show is like, the mood that is created, etc.

D: I apologize for the short answer,but Im afraid you would have to see us live and judge for yourselves. All I can say is that we…really play our hearts out.

What does the future hold for Eye of Solitude? Do you have a 5 year goal? What about the immediate future? What is next?

D: There are plenty on our  “to do” list. So far we’ve been confirmed for 2 major doom festivals in Europe,one in Holland and one in Romania and a few more chances to play with some of the finest bands in the scene.
We are also preparing a brand new track for a charity action,and one cover, which I am absolutely positive it’s going to be very well received. Im being very confident just because the band that has done the original have given us a big OK for it hehe. We have started working on new songs already, and seeing the progress so far, it wouldnt be a surprise if we came up with a brand new EP or…even full length?

The last words are yours!

D: Thank you very very much for the oportunity of making ourselves heard through you guys,and for our listeners,please keep being supportive,support true underground and come see us play live, we assure you wont regret it! Peace!