Hails Manticore! You are currently on tour with Deiphago, scheduled to destroy Philadelphia tonight with one more stop in Brooklyn before the battle is over. Tell us a few highlights from this campaign!

Hails!! This tour has been insane! The people in the Midwestern and northeastern US are extreme maniacs!! Philly was a great time, great club and people, saw some old friends there as well so it was extra special to me. Boston though had the craziest people bar none, they were beating the shit out of each other during all the bands that night!! True raging maniaks!!!! All in all, though, all the cities have been great and welcoming to Deiphago and us.

When is the new album, ‘Behold the Ascension of the Execrated’, scheduled for release via Deathgasm? Have you been playing new material on the tour? If so, how is the reaction?

It was released the 6th of November, just 3 days before the tour began. It is being co-released by Deathgasm/Butchered/Sevared/Old Cemetary Records. We have been playing a majority of the songs, and in Buffalo, did the entire CD front to back, for these shows. It seems that most of the people are into the songs, but they are new, and time will tell.

How was the recording process on ‘Behold…’? This is your 3rd full length album, did Manticore make any changes in the recording or writing process this time around? Why?

This time, we had someone (Don-Chaosmusicstudios) come to our basement rehearsal room and mic us there, live. So we were just playing as we always do, there is 1 music overdub on this album, and it is only a dive on guitar. We wanted to get back to the raw sound that made us want to play music to start with, and we feel we have done that. The writing is the same as always, one of us writes a riff, we play it for everyone, and the song is done about 3 minutes later…

For a handful of years, after 2006’s ‘For Rats and Plague’, Manticore did not have any releases until 2011? Why this absence?

Jobs, families, education, mortgages, just plain old life got in the way for a few! What matters now is everything has found it’s spot again, and the beast moves forward!!

How does Manticore write music? Is there sole songwriter or do you write as a whole band? Is a lyrics-then-music approach or just what?

Because of our work schedules, we practice in groups as much as a band, either bass/guitar, or bass/drums. We take what comes from these and send music to the odd man out so that they can get an idea of the riffs. Once we are together, we form the structure of the songs and finish the music. The lyrics are always written last; most times the words and patterns write themselves as we play them.

Those three words seem to fit the music…we have always been an extension of what we are listening to at the time. These songs were written to be simple, violent, and to the point!!! Your 3 words describe them as well as any will!!If I chose only three words to describe ‘Behold…’ they would be: poisonous, rabid and furious. What three words do you feel best fit the album, off the top of your head? Why?

What are some of the values that help guide Manticore? What is the vision, the ideal and the message of your dark art? Why?

Pure solid hatred for humanity is what drives us!! The destruction of the human race, and the return of survival of the fittest!! Let us trample the weak under our boots, for it is joyous, the sounds of their crushed skulls, and hope!!

Give the Forbidden readers a brief but entertaining history of Manticore? How, why and when did you form?

In the late 90’s the vision was formed, but it took until 2000 for the time to be available to dedicate to Manticore, since then, we have released a demo, 3 full lengths, and 3 splits with various underground beasts!!!! We formed to give the underground something it lacked—-pure, satanic death metal!!!!! NO COMPROMISE!!!! NO BULLSHIT!!!

Since your inception in 2000(?), how has the band changed in terms of direction, sound or approach? Why?

We haven’t changed at all! We still create the music WE want to hear.. without input or care for anyone else!!! We will always do as we feel!! We care not how anyone but ourselves react to the music……any one who responds to it as we do, that is a bonus… this is for us!!!!

What does the future hold of Manticore 5 years from now? What about 5 months from now? New material, another tour?

MORE FILTH!!!!! MORE PLAGUE!!! MORE DEATH!!!!! There are things in the works, we will keep everyone updated on what happens.

The last words are yours!

HAIL THE FILTH AND PLAGUE!!!!!!!! Behold the Ascension of the Execrated!!! 666