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An In-depth Interrogation with Chad Kelly about Excommunicated: Past, Present, and Future.

  I came about Excommunicated by sheer fucking chance. I ordered a Moloch CD from UW on eBay and when it arrived I was given a pile of UW CDs, good ones actually,and as a bonus to say thanks I’ve been working with Chad on this interview for weeks now and and gradually unravelling the [&hellip

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Tell us of your new release, ‘Human Remains’! This is your first full length, yes? What can fans expect of this album? Yes, ‘Human Remains’ is our first official full length album. However, we have released a few other demos, during the last 12 years. ‘Human Remains’ is the first in a series of concept [&hellip

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  Hails Manticore! You are currently on tour with Deiphago, scheduled to destroy Philadelphia tonight with one more stop in Brooklyn before the battle is over. Tell us a few highlights from this campaign! Hails!! This tour has been insane! The people in the Midwestern and northeastern US are extreme maniacs!! Philly was a great [&hellip

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Eye of Solitude

  Sui Caedere is the title of your new full length on Kaotoxin Records, tell us about this all-powerful release that has been punishing my stereo for a month! D: Thank you very much for the kind words guys,this is Daniel, vocalist and lyricist in the band. Well, Sui Caedere has been in the making [&hellip

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