Paroxsihem is the full-length debut from this Canadian black/death mob that plays out like slow asphyxiation by death doom/funeral doom densities and drawn out bleak rib imploding and lung puncturing with distinct traditional and Swedish/Finnish death metal elements, short black metal amelodic arpeggio leads, and a lead hand and foot on the percussive end wielding a sledgehammer while driving a Hum V over you as you also fry in a pure sulfuric acid rinse.

“Godot” is a blistering chaos of diesel powered Antediluvian/Profanatica searing riff obliteration with moments of classic death metal neck slides and Swedish sonic bitterness. Honestly, just when you think that a band can’t stick to making true and distinct death metal without sounding and/or feeling like a clone some glorious assholes like Paroxsihem come along and shit all over that sad state of affairs. The horrid throaty vocals are inside the mix as the black buzzing rhythms cycle around them beckoning you further into the realms or perversity and chaos.

“Deindividuation” is more of a straight up Swedish sound with some Carnage/Desultory flavors, but then those are distorted and drawn out into a slower tempo with fast bursts of ugly leads and some fucked up audio samples that show through the settling ash just enough that, after multiple listens,they might become fully recognizable…I think that I DO hear GACY and DAHMER mentioned toward the end. The continual change in pace from slow smothering down-tuned execution style rhythms to scathing black metal-like tremolo and arpeggio leads creates a masterful vortex of mind swallowing power that rapidly vacuums your consciousness into the belly of the GREAT BEAST.

“Vanya” is yet another provocative thunderous and jagged shove of rusted barbed wire up the urethra. Every time, on every song,just when you  figured out the rhythmic direction it starts to do something else leading your mind to wander its violent seductive path carved out and pounded into existence through sheer nihilism and vulgar frequencies.

Death is inevitable for anything living, but it becomes more of a reality as you live it and dance drunk and delirious along the edge of the abyss to the treacherous hymn of “Aokigahara” and then as the abyss calls forth through gruff inhuman growls of eternal darkness you succumb and freefall into the Paroxsihzem Netherworld. The slow angular ugly melodies of black death cyclone around you like starving buzzards picking mercilessly at your stringy flesh and the pummeling tarlike heaviness coats you and dry drowns you in a smoldering asphalt cloak. No hope, pure darkness, abysmal, heavy, suffocating, intense, and absolutely reeking of DEATH, Paroxsihzem will absolutely dig a grave and bury other bands and some listeners in it before they are even aware they have been decapitated with the shovel digging their grave.

Absolutely one of THE best releases on the Dark Descent roster and of 2012, but also one of the best death metal albums in some time thanks to a lack of set theme in the lyrics and direct philosophy thus creating a new unique Hell of their own divining.

Sample the sounds: