Give readers a brief history of Revolting! Where, when and why did you form?

Revolting was the spawn of Billy from Razorback Records, him and me decided to make a project together and then it just went from there to what it is now. The idea was to make some dirty death metal with the catchy feeling still there, and to have lyrics inspired by old and awesome horror, both movies and stories and whatever in that genre.

What is up with your new monstrosity, ‘Hymns of Ghastly Horror’? This is your fourth full length, yes? What can fans expect from this new album?

It’s the fourth album, and its our by far best one as well. I think you can expect what Revotling has always done, but bigger and better and more awesome. The heavy stuff is heavier and the melodies are catchier than ever, the choruses is something we´ve tried to get as good as possible this time to really make the album catchy yet heavy as hell.

With as many albums as you now have, do you feel that ‘Hymns…’ is a step in a new direction? Why or why not? What things are different on the new album as opposed to previous album?The sound on ‘Hymns…’ is solid and not as ‘raw’ as some might expect. What was the recording experience like for Revolting?

I think if you listen to all Revolting albums in the order they were released you will hear that its always been dirty and raw but very very catchy with lots of melody and good choruses. So that’s what we’ve been trying to do better on each album really, make it heavier yet catchier. The production on the new album is the best so far, as its both heavy and a tiny bit polished too. I don’t think you need the raw dirty sound to make this sort of death metal, you can do as we did too, go for the more fat and huge sound too.

‘Hymns…’ is available on FDA Rekotz…is this your first time working with them? How did the relationship come about? Are there plans to work with FDA again in the future?

FDA Rekotz released the previous album too, so we have been with them for a little while now and I must say it’s a great thing, as its one of the coolest and best labels around these days. Rico who runs its is a good friend and an awesome guy, and we would very much like to stay with them for the future as well if all goes as planned.

The songs are ‘Hymns…’ are inspired from tales of horror and gore but tell us a little more of what inspires you! Do the songs stem from film, literature, real life crimes or from the minds of the songwriters?

The lyrics as well as the artwork and layout is done by Desmond Root who is an amazing artist and a great friend. He writes the lyrics based on classic horror movies, both well known ones and more unknown ones, and he gets the whole film into a lyric, its rather amazing really. He is a huge part of Revolting, like a 4th member really.

On the topic on songwriting, how are songs written in Revolting? Is there a sole songwriter or does the band right as a whole?

I write the music, and Desmond writes the lyrics. Before it was the same but Billy and some of his friends wrote the lyrics.

What other projects are members of Revolting involved in? How do these projects differ from Revolting? (if no other bands, why not, etc.)

Oh, there’s a few… The Grotesquery, Paganizer, Demiurg, Ribspreader and some more haha. And I’d say all differs from Revolting mostly in the way that Revolting has very catchy choruses and uses more melody in the heaviness.

The graphic artwork in ‘Hymns…’ is very lifelike and realistic. Tell us about the artist and how the images suit your music…

As mentioned above its done by Desmond Root whose an American artist. He gets an idea from the title and then he just lets it brew in his brain, and it comes out awesome. Desmonds art is totally sick if you ask me, and fits so great with Revolting’s music.

I assume that Revolting performs live…what is the live experience like? Do you have any shows our tours coming up to talk about?

Then you assume wrong haha! Its been a studio only project so far, but 2013 its supposed to change really, we have a festival booked already. Apart from that nothing is booked, well check how that goes first haha.

What is the best way to experience Revolting? On the stage or on the stereo?

On the stereo… If you consider the answer above haha.

2012 has also seen the release of a split 7”? with Revel in Flesh…how did the relationship with this German band come about? Where can fans get copies?

Well Ralf from Revel In Flesh is a good friend, and it came from that I think. He asked me and of corpse I was onboard with the idea. Fans could get copies from FDA Rekotz, and from Cyclone Empire too I think.

The songs on the split with Revel in Flesh are exclusive to that release, yes? Where they recorded at the same time as ‘Hymns…’ or…? Can fans expect the same production, etc. on the split?

Songs from the EP split is exclusive yes, and they were recorded a bit after the album and have a totally different sound actually. Its classic Revolting music but the mix is rawer and dirtier yet very fat, so check it out!

What does the future hold for Revolting? What about right now, what is next?

We are writing for the next album, half of it done by now, and we are planning to get rehearsing sometime middle of next year for the festival we have booked as well. Also if any bands out there are interested in a split release, just get in contact as we love that stuff.