Tell us about Church of Disgust! How, when, where and why was the the band formed?
Hails, Forbidden!  The band was formed in 2010 by myself and my friend Tim in north Texas.  We started the band after spending many days of listening to our albums, watching horror films and jamming.  After moving down to San Marcos, we started jamming with Joshua and our other friend Nicole.  Although Tim and Nicole are great musicians, the band ended up moving forward without them as a two-piece.
The demo has 3 rituals that are also included on your new EP, ‘Invocation of Putrid Worship’. Are these the same recordings on each album or…?
These 3 songs(“March the Horde” “Lead Coffin” and “Death Fiend”) are also on our demo, but they were re-recorded for Invocation…  The reason we wanted this is because our demo was recorded and pressed ourselves at Joshua’s(drummer) house in the woods, so we only dubbed 50 copies, and the quality is much rougher.  Since that first demo, we have better recording equipment and amps, and we are very proud of the songs and wanted them featured in our next release.
What was the recording process like for your material so far? Is it likely to change at all in the future? Why or why not?

Essentially we record live, recording the main guitar and drums simultaneously.  Then, Dustin adds second guitar and vocals while I play bass (except on “Lead Coffin”).  There are minimal to no effects on all the recordings, they are not intended to be lo-fi, it just kinda happened that way.  The next release is going to be a change for us considering we currently live in different states, everything will be separate and multi-tracked.
What about songwriting? How does material take form? Is there a central songwriter or do you write collectively?
Dustin always has the riff, then we both build upon it from there.  The songs continue to evolve as we play them more and more, and then we cut out the bullshit and add bass and leads/harmonies.  As for the lyrics, those are written by Dustin.
Tell us about your sound, influences and what fans can expect from your music?
I would describe our sound as raw death/doom.  We draw influence from classic bands that we love(Autopsy, Rottrevore, Winter, Bolt Thrower, etc) without sounding derivative.  Lyrically, I am heavily influenced by classick horror films and books(particularly by authors Brian Keene and of course, the master of cosmic horror, H.P. Lovecraft.
What fans can expect: PURE DEATH, filthy and primitive.
What do you want a listener to experience or feel when hearing Church of Disgust? What do you want them to remember the most about the music?
We have always recorded and practiced in solitude, and I want the listener to feel the isolation when listening to the songs.  We want the listener frenzied by our occasional fast/mid-tempo songs, and crushed by our slower doom-inspired assaults.  A memorable riff is always what keeps me listening to a song over and over, so we try to keep that in mind while writing.  Our take on death metal is raw, we don’t aspire to be the fastest or overly technical, we just want to create music that we truly love.
Does Church of Disgust currently perform live? Why or why not?
Not currently.  The reason for this is that we have gone through several lineup changes, and are currently operating as a two-piece.  We are working to add a second guitarist and bassist for tentative live show plans in 2013.
How did your relationship with Filthy Cave Records come about?
After receiving the Necroven-Perpetual Scorn demo in the mail from Filthy Cave, I mailed a demo tape to the label.   Eduardo Fulci(also from the absolutely killer band Ataraxy) wrote me back, and he expressed interest in putting out our next release.  Once the Invocation… recordings were finished, we sent him the tracks, and then it was official.
When is ‘Invocation…’ due to be released?
At this moment, the tapes are on the way to the label from the pressing plant!  It will be available to purchase in January.
Who designed the album art to ‘Invocation…’? Tell us about the inspiration for the art and your relationship with the artist!
David Torturdød from Undergang did our new logo and cover art.  I initially began corresponding with him The title(Invocation of Putrid Worship) came before the artwork.  I sent him the music, title and a general idea of what I had in mind, and his creation came out better than I could have imagined.
What does the future hold for Church of Disgust? Is there a full length on the horizon?
We are planning on being very productive in 2013.  We are currently writing for a split 7” with Spain’s Necroven and a full-length CD to be released by Memento Mori Records.  We’ve been getting inquiries about merchandise so we are also printing shirts and patches soon.  Hopefully playing some shows this summer as well.
What are your last words?
Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.  For those interested in contacting us:
We also have Bandcamp and Facebook sites.  HAIL DEATH, IGNORE THE FALSE!