Greetings Corpus Mortale! You new album is to be released soon, ‘Fleshcraft’! Tell the maniacs a little about this crushing powerhouse of an album!

Thank you very much… What can I say, it’s been 5 years and 40 days since the release of the last album. Quite a long time. There’s several reasons for the long space but I’m sure were gonna get into that later. It’s got 10 songs lasting for about 43 min. I’d describe our style as purified death metal.
We recorded and mixed at the famous AntFarm studies in Denmark where bands as Pestilence, Kataklysm, Vader & The Haunted but to name a few, has recorded or mixed some of their album.
The cover art is done by Remy from HeadSplit Designs and he did a good job captivating our graphic style from previous stuff and at the same time support the lyrical theme hence making it all a nice complete package. The album was released at the 8th of January 2013.

Tell me a little of your songwriting process on ‘Fleshcraft’. This album is your fourth full length, yes? How has the songwriting evolved since the band’s beginning?

Officially it’s our 3rd album.. unofficially 4th. In 1998 we tried to record a full length but we we’re simply not ready to make one at the time. It was too loose, the songs we’re not thought through. Production sucked. So it was scrapped. We didn’t even released the best song as a demo. It was simply layed aside and forgotten. The first official album came out in November 2003 on Neurotic Records and the second one also through Neurotic Records was released in November 2007. And I must say I’m glad we didn’t released an album earlier. Better make ’em few and make ’em count rather than pushing it and have loads of album released but maybe at the price of lower quality?
The song writing has always been a mutual thing were all members had input on the material. This time it was more a one man thing on my behalf and ofcourse Rasmus had a good deal of input drumwise and on the drums. It was not intented to be so but different event caused it to be like that. Now we’re back at co-working like we used to. So next time it will hopefully get some more angles and new ideas thrown in the mix.

What lyrical or musical themes did Corpus Mortale want to embrace on this album that may have not been previously accomplished or sought after? Why?

Lyrically it’s pretty much the same kind that I’ve been writing since the first album. The band name means roughly “dead body” or “mortal body” and I thought it fitting to write about homocide. Mostly about serial killer from real life. I don’t mention names but people who are into the subject should be able to point out a few. We talked about starting to explore new themes for the next album but so far it has been murder all the way.. haha.. murder, rape, torture you know, usual stuff.

Musically on FleshCraft we tried to really cut to the bone this time. No unneccessary bullshit. Straight to the point. Also it was important to have structered songs. Not just a bunch of riffs in a row. We like songs where you can actually remember a riff or two after listening to it once. At the same time I think we’ve accomplished in making it layered at the same time so you can go back and find new details here and there.
Oh and we also got just the kind of production we’ve been looking for from the start. So I think we developed quite a bit since last album but still keeping the basics intact. As we’ve only just started writing new songs there’s no telling how it’s gonna develop next time.

What is the recording process like for Corpus Mortale? Does the band obsess over details in the studio or prefer to just bash out the songs and get out from behind the glass?

The process has been a mixed thing. It took us almost a year before we had the final product. As usual all sort of crap comes in the way or simply just bad lucj regarding equipment and such. The drums was recorded in only 2 days. Very impressive work by Rasmus. Also he did such a good job that the editing we had to make was minimal. I think we recorded for maybe 11-12 hours. The a few hours was spent cutting and finally an hour or two editing mostly fades between takes. So the drums are very close to being one takes. Also they acoustic most of the way. Again only a few parts needed sound replacer.
The guitar sessions got delayed several times and finally we spent a few months actually recording it.
We did short sessions daily instead of long full day sessions. Then a month for bass and vocals.. same thing. Short sessions. Better do one song in one day and give 200% than doing to full days singing at 50% on the last few songs in the session. But vocals were also just 3 full track one takes. Then we cutted the best lined into one.. using the other 2 for backing vocals.

Give us a brief history of the band, if you would! When, where, how and why did Corpus Mortale form?

We were formed when we we at the age of 16-17 in 1993. First few years it was not very ambitious. It wasn’t until late nineties that we finally decided to try and do something about it. We’ve had around 15 different members through the years. Brian has been in the band since 1999. So since then we’ve kept 50% of the band together. Thats also the reason for some of the time in between albums. Always takes some focus off writing and playing live when you gotta look and rehearse with new guys every second year. We’re currently testing new drummers as Rasmus didn’t feel for the band anymore. And we’ve got Carlos last year. A guy with the right attitude. Knowing everything about the game. So hopefully we’ll find a good drummer soon so we can get out and kick some serious ass live.

How has the band changed since the ‘early days’? Line up changes, sound, lyrical views, etc.?

As mentioned it’s been 20 years this year.. and around 15 members including the present line-up. So we’ve had a few people in and out of the band. Lyrical subject in the early days was the usual gore or satan style death metal lyrics. I’ve always written the lyrics and I’d say I’ve definitely gotten away from that stuff and more into the psychological style aspects of murder, rather than the full blown gore. That being said there is ofcourse a few graphical lines in each song. Can avoid that..
Since Brian came into the band we’ve been using a specific pre.amp and a specific trigger module sound which has given us a pretty characteristic sound. At least I’ve you’ve seen us live. We always have the same kind of dry guitar sound.

I am assuming the Corpus Mortale performs live, yes? Describe for us a Corpus Mortale show…do you have a lot of stage props or simply amplifiers and attitude?

Yes we play live. Of course.. it’s the best thing about playing in a band for me personally. I think we just passed 150 shows in total early last year. So yes we’ve played a bit.
We’ve been talking about different propps or decorations through the year. But they’re all cliches by now. So better concentrate on playing good. We would like to have some but again. It has to suit us really well before we’ll do it I think.

What is the best way to experience Corpus Mortale: on the stage or on the stereo? Why?

In the old days.. LIVE… absolutely… but with this album I think we’ve made something that justify or live sound. So I’d say both.

What other projects are members of Corpus Mortale involved in? How do the projects differ? How are they the same?

We used be in loads of different bands all of us.. but now Brian is only playing in Corpus. I play in Slow Death Factory also and Carlos is guitar player in Heidra.. a folk death metal band. Corpus is everybody’s main priority but we make sure that there is space for people playing as much music as possible and in a way so they don’t have to prioritate any specific band. Anything else would be stupid.
Slow death Factory is more somewhere in between severel genre’s but its basically still metal. Heidra is folk metal, melody mixed with death/thrash elements. So both are very unlike Corpus Mortale.

‘Fleshcraft’ is being released through Deepsend Records, your first album with them, I believe. How did your relationship come about? Will there be future releases with Deepsend?

It was done the oldschool way.. a FleshCraft cd, a Species cd and a biography. We made an A and a B list with labels we’d like to work with. The A list being more or less unrealistic ones for a band of our size. DeepSend was on top of the B list.. We got positive response from 5 labels I think.. of around 20-25 we’ve mailed out to. DeepSend was by far the best offer of the 5. Actually the best I’ve ever had with any band so far. The manager is also a great guy and is fast to reply when we write him and he seems to have things going his was with the label. We’ve signed for this one only with an option for the next which we will agree on for sure. There’s also talk about a re-issue of the debut but that wont be until later in 2013. Not really too much info on this yet.
Compared to Neurotic Records its a completely diffenrent experience. He tells us about every little thing that going on. He’s made merchandise for us and so on. They’re also backed up by Clawhammer so the pr is excellent. So both contract and contact with DeepSend is by far the best we’ve ever experienced.

Is the album available only on CD or is there vinyl, tape, mp3, etc., available for the maniacs?

The cd was released 8th January and there is also mp3 versions available on iTunes and so on. We hope to have the limited vinyl version ready for an April release. And if all goes as planned we’d have the other two albums printed in lmt vinyl sometime in 2013. As we now own the right to the first two albums we can finally do whatever we want with those. So loads of releases in 2013.

Corpus Mortale previously released a DVD titled ‘Mass Funeral Pyre’…can you tell me about this release? I am curious as so few death metal bands get a chance to release a DVD…

It’s not an official release but more like a collectors item and a promotional item. Printed in around 250-300 copies. Containing only one music video for Mass Funeral Pyre off the debut album. We used for promotion and sold them at shows for a very modest amount of cash. But it was all financed by ourselves.

When fans hear ‘Fleshcraft’, they are sure to want to hear your back catalog of music. Where can fans best find your music?

The demo tape & the demo cd’s has been sold out for a long time. The debut album “With Lewd Demeanor” has also been sold out for a few years now. Neurotic Records is dead. So either the debut or “A New Species of Deviance” will be reprinted by them. As mentioned we’ll soon make Lp versions of both and they might be re-issued on cd also. Species is still available a few places I know. Check out some distro’s or use Amazon and you will find it. Otherwise we’ve got plenty of copies lying around. So write to us or order from our website.

What does the future hold for Corpus Mortale? Are there upcoming shows or releases we should know about?

We’re currently playing shows around Denmark. We like playing Denmark first as we’re comfortable here and we can get in shape for real touring later. The plan is to finish off Denmark before summertime.. Play a few fastivals.. then do 2 or 3 two-week tours in Europe. At least one of them supporting a major death metal band. Like we did last time supporting Nile, Krisun and Grave.. something similar. We’ll make sure to cover most countries in Europe. If we get any leftover cash after those trips we’ll possibly go overseas to play North America and maybe even south America while we’re there.
When all that is done we’ll hopefully have plenty of songs ready to start recording the next album. The plan according to the contract is to deliver the master for the next album around September 2014.

The last words are yours!

  1. On behalf of the whole band I thank you for the interview. Always a pleasure.. We hope you’ll all give FleshCraft a listen.. and to all the Corpus supporters.. see you on tour.. death metal forever!