Hails! Please give Forbidden Readers a brief but brutal introduction to ETERNAL WISDOM! What is the band’s history and what kind of sound can listeners expect from your new release?

Hallo, Eternal Wisdom was formed as I was 15 or 16 years old, I’m not sure. 2006 I recorded the Demo-CD “In Infinitum” alone in my basement. I never released the demo because the sound is terrible, only some friends have a copy. 2008 I record the debut “…Of Eternity” and 2010 the album was released with the support of Golden Hades Management. In summer 2011 I recorded “Meditation of the Cleansing Fire” and released it in December 2012. The Listeners can expect melodic Black/Death Metal with loving composed leads and solos and lyrics about our existence in this universe.

How does your new full-length, ‘Meditation of the Cleansing Fire’ differ from your debut, ‘…Of Eternity’? How is it the same?

‘Meditation…’ is the progression of ‘…Of Eternity’, musically and lyrically. I have become mature and Eternal Wisdom, too. Unchanged is the musical Direction, there are still a lot of melodies and solos.

ETERNAL WISDOM appears to be a one man band, yes? Why the choice to record and work alone?

Yes, that’s right. I have played in some other Bands. I was bassist in the Thrash Metal band for example but I always remarked that I want work alone. I´m very eccentric with respect to the songwriting and I have a clear vision of my sound.

Tell me a little of your influences, musical, mystical and otherwise. How do these things shape or take form in your art? Do you draw influence from literature, music, film, philosophy, sciences…?

Musical influences are Swedish Black/Death Metal like Dissection or Sacramentum, Heavy Metal like Iron Maiden or King Diamond and also classical music like Chopin. Esoteric literature from Eliphas Levi or Thorwald Dethlefsen are very important for the lyrics. In Eternal Wisdom I process my thoughts by that albums become diaries.

I was really impressed by the crushing sound of ‘Meditation…’! There are some serious, neck-breaking passages and the songs are well written and balanced. What is the songwriting process like for you? What about recording? Are they the same or…?

Thanks for your commendation. In my Basement I have a rehearsal room where I write Songs. I write a lot of riffs and recording it at the computer. Sometime I take the best riffs and write an album from that. I recording my music at the sound studio of my brother, we have a great cooperation.

What instrument do you feel most comfortable performing or writing with? Why?

The guitar, definitive. I was always a guitarist and leaned other instruments for forming a one-man-band only. I play guitar since I was 9 years old. I always looked up to my older brothers, two metalheads who played guitar in Punk and Metal bands. I always wanted playing the guitar like them.

The lyrical themes on ‘Meditation…’ are composed well, brimming with references to the QBL. Tell me about how this understanding influences your work. 

Cabbalism is the basis of Eternal Wisdom. My parents educated me with the Kabbalah and I grew up with it. Cabbalism in theory is my way to make my divinity consciously and by practice I can communicate with my unconscious. I never felt comfortable with other religions and in theosophy I found the right place for me. It´s a way of life for me.

The eye-catching cover art was done by Gerhard Tuller, a friend of yours or…? Did you commission the piece specifically for ‘Meditation…’ or did it exist already? Why this artwork for this album?

Gerhard Tüllner is my father. In the 80´s he painted a lot of pictures but today he paints rarely. He painted also the cover art from “…Of Eternity”. The cover art of “Meditation..” is from 1988. “Meditation..” focuses the cleansing of the polar properties of humanity and our way to unity. The picture shows an apocalyptic scene with Jesus on the cross. Jesus symbolizes us humans, nailed on the cross, cursed of polarity. In times of the German Democratic Republic he could not exhibit his paintings and I take his art to promote him.

‘Meditation…’ was released on your own label, OTOW. Tell me your motivation for creating your own label. What other artists can we find on your roster now and in the future?

OTOW means “order of theosophical occult worldview” and the motivation for the creating was that I want a label for me, my family members and friends to releasing their Stuff if their have no label currently. I released a EP of Totgeburt and “Meditation..” was the second release. In 2013 I will release a Book of my father and the first full-length album of Totgeburt. I’d like releasing more stuff but currently I have not the financial resources because at the moment I´m a student.

What other projects, if any are you involved with?

I playing guitar and singing in the Black Metal band Totgeburt.

Where is the best place for fans to hear and purchase your music?

You can listening to the new Album at the Bandcamp-page and buy the CD at Bigcartel or the OTOW-page: otow-label.jimdo.com but there are some distributions like obscure abhorrence etc.

What does the future hold for ETERNAL WISDOM?

At the moment I write songs for the third album “Into Sephirotic Oceans”. I will go in the studio and recording it in September. In the next months I will release some Eternal Wisdom Shirts. I´m looking for a Label which is compatible with Eternal Wisdom but if I find nothing the next album will be released by OTOW.

The last words are yours!

Thanks for the Interview!