Reclusa is one of those rare acts that seriously redefines any and all genre boundaries. At one moment you are convinced that the listening experience of Reclusa is industrialized septic grime sludge metal, or perhaps it’s just hypnotic and droning warped vocals over clanking and mechanical maneuvers of some sort, but whatever it is that Reclusa creates it’s sure enough to disintegrate your neural matter into liquid to be shit out as mustard colored diarrhea sharts.

Already well established, having been active for a number of years and releasing acclaimed releases such as the split cassette with Degenerate Slug on the incredible No Visible Scars label and the stellar Crucial Blast release, The Anticonscience. Reclusa has now released the rare Discordant Delerium Demo with very minimal changes on Crucial Blast.  And while Originally Discordant Delerium was only a demo CDr with slightly professional looking printed red and black cover art and limited to 15 copies, this disturbed wad of sonic phlegm has been hacked up as Vacancy and thankfully has been essentially untouched aside from the name change and the song order.

With Vacancy Reclusa shows a more stripped down and mechanical approach then the suffocating black lung inducing industrialized sludge that dominates his more recent work. On Vacancy I’m reminded of the crust metal industrial sludge bastard Spine Wrench on “Seeds of Psychosis” with crazy doomy sludge riffs drenched in resonating frequencies of fuzzy bass, an audio blurb of a man, possibly from some old film, repeating “I have grown apart (muffled bit) trouble with people… I’ve lost the skill of interacting with them…” followed by heavily effected inhuman robotic vocals speaking of isolationism to a thumping set of industrial rhythms. This one is pure old school industrial with a death industrial/power electronic flavor and a doomy metallic twist that it’s so hard to get past the sheer awesomeness of “Seeds of Psychosis”.

Listening to anything by Reclusa, such as the eerie death industrial drone of “Dead in the Eyes” or the early film reel sound of “Hallucinations in Pitch Black” (both on this release) for instance, and you’ll find that your skin literally crawls and that weird sense of dread and adrenaline rushes through you as if you’re following a live investigation caught on tape of Gacy’s crawlspace after his arrest. There’s always that underlying tension and awkward excitement from the thought of the stench of death and the horrors that make the mind consume the body, all of which are induced in our minds at the sound of Reclusa. “Hallucinations in Pitch Black” makes me think of field recordings of H.H. Holmes’ murder house with the clanking contraptions made to capture, torture, and kill his lodgers. Imagine being close enough to a sadistic mind in turmoil about to explode through pure rage that you can actually be inside that mind for a brief moment and then listen to Reclusa to make it a reality.