On the Shores of Oblivion is the debut release from this Czech band based around the concepts of a correlation between sleep and death and is comprised of: symphonic, black, doom, death, and even prog metal; resulting in a unique and epic blackness of suffocating, dense atmospheres and bearing a similarity to Arcturus which even my finicky ass can’t object to. Heavy and swinging with ten opaque, intricate, and pummeling tracks, all of which are equally impressive blows, I have to challenge people to hear this album and not find it admirable. Below are some examples of what can be expected, but honestly, this album is a massively woven shroud of metaphysical and dark metal concepts and elements that must really be heard. It was even a challenge on my end to capture the emotion and complexity of the sound in words.

“Sinthesis “ weighs in heavily with a symphonic Arcturus feel, a great celestial/out-of-body atmosphere with intensely dark and penetrating intellectual and emotional moments. Comprised of elements from black metal bastardized with doom death,massive symphonic sweeps, solid pumping basslines, and melodic searing leads it’s near imposible to avoid letting this one go to your head. In the background subtle spectral moans and chants solidify the sensation of astral travel and traversing through parallel dimensions through mysterious loops as if the universe is in fact a hologram as is our own consciousness.

“Everything Else is a Lie” features solid crunching metal riffs with a slight melodic death metal touch. There’s definitely some nice balance in the high and low end tones, and the proggy rhythms that cycle throughout the song bring in some technicality and texture without interfering with the mood or flow of the rhythms, thus keeping them crushing down like a ten ton Uranium hammer. The raspy but intelligible vocals hint of black/death yet still maintain their DOOM, and as a part of the deadly cocktail with the bassy rhythmic intro, melodic leads, precise rhythmic twists and turns almost on a dime maneuverability, and fluidity of the band as a whole are second to none, this is lethal stuff and sure to leave you in an altered state.

“The Light at the End of the Suffering” is more of a symphonic black death doom song, especially felt in the raspy salivated vocals. The bass lines are prominent and featured in some of the more diluted structural moments when the solid barrage of riffs temporarily breaks into something more ephemeral for a brief drift before coming back in at full strength.

As if those blurbs above didn’t showcase enough of what is contained within these songs, these guys alsobust out some nice leads and solos within many of the songs, at times slightly buried, while other times they are the main focus. And while often coming across as pulverizing,searing, shredding, seething, pulsing, and even meditative all at once it’s virtually impossible to find a weakness in SA’s song structures, not to mention the intoxicating affects they can have on any of us. Please check out their bandcamp link below to stream some of these songs and even hear their demo from ’09. You really NEED to hear this!!!!!