Give us a brief and brutal history of the band. How, when, where, and why did torn     the fuck apart form?

  • The band originates in 1995, with influences of pure old school death metal. Simply put, the idea was to be a part of the community that influenced all of us. As is still to this day, the band formed in Kansas City.Your sophomore full length, The Dissection of Christ, was released in April. Tell us about this album. Was there a central theme to the songs at all?
  • This album did in fact have a central theme that sets it apart from the other albums we have been and will be responsible for. Predominately, we are a gore band. However, this album has been a much needed refreshment from the day in day out breath of virulent butchery that death metal is so proficient in. Wanting to express the anti-religious aspect of the consensual philosophy within the band, we sought to create the marriage of sadistic gore and the message therein, tearing down the structure that is objectification of morality and creationism.What is the songwriting process like for Torn the fuck apart? Is there a sole song writer, or does the band write as a whole?
  • The process originates with the guitarists writing piece by piece the bare bones structures of the songs that will manifest more fully through the creative license of the rest of the band. Once the rhythm and melody has been assimilated, it’s brought to both the drummer and bass player to utilize their creative expression to give it the fullness of sound, adding their unique playing styles to the aforementioned song itself. Once said song has come full circle, our vocalist can prepare to set up the lyrical addition to what has come to be the music of the song. Any further tweaking to bring out the better ideas therein takes place over the span of time it is brought into being furthermore.How does the band work in the studio? The album has a good clean sound to it. Was a producer brought in, or was it produced and engineered by the band?
  • The recording engineer, producer, and mastering engineer was Chris Wilson of Troglodyte and Gornography. He has a studio set up that is more than capable of accomplishing what any other studio could, and enough practical know how and intuitive knowledge to fully assess what needed to be done. As for the actual studio work, we did a very simple and basic process that never failed in the past. We all played the songs together to create a scratch track. This, in turn, was used to record the drums as a final mix and backtrack for everyone else’s recording. Thereafter, we recorded guitars, bass, and vocals consecutively.The album was self released… Is it available only on cd, or…. Where can fans get a copy? Why the decision to self release?
  • It is available in digital format on both bandcamp and itunes. However, vinyls and tape cassettes were not within our budget, nor did we expect much interest in the matter. The decision to self release was a mutual consequence of little fiscal interest by other parties, and the fact that we had already done the footwork and taken care of the expenses to create the album as we had always been accustomed to in the past anyways. The use of a label behind it would have been far less conducive to it’s coming to be in the first place, giving us a deficiency in necessity for a label backing. Though distribution would have certainly been a very good addition to the albums push, we ultimately chose to stick to the d.i.y. route we are typically familiar with, being that we had already come as far as we had.The band makes use of audio samples from movies and television quite often. Why use someone elses voices and not your own?
  • The samples themselves are meant to be of taking facets of pop culture, and transmuting them to the purpose of the song, insofar as to add cynical humor or help to make the point therein. Also, it’s almost like paying tribute to some of the greats of death metal and grindcore’s past, as opposed to simply making a first person statement towards the intent of our message.Torn the fuck apart is a very technical sounding band, with lots of fast rhythm’s, changes, and guitar wizardry. What sets the band apart from other bands who embrace a similar genre?
  • Though I think it would be a stretch to say that we are the only of our particular mindset regarding the technicality of our music, I think the majority of our unique individuality is the fact that we push for a technical twist on an old school sound. For us, it’s not simply about showing off and trying to wave our dicks to an audience of those trained in music theory as much as throwing in what understanding we have of these “rules” to the mentality that rules are meant to be broken. Why? Because fuck trying to appeal to the majority. We come from an old school death metal interest, while acknowledging the breakthroughs of death metal over time, including slam, brutal, technical, and what have you. The idea is to create a conglomeration of the various facets of metal that appeals to us, and convey that intuitive preference in our own way.Tell us about your lyric themes. From where do you draw influence? Why?
  • Influences are pulled from Gore/B-rate movies, the artwork and visuals of countless death metal/grind acts, and isolation, digging deep within the sub-conscious for the next line to be crossed.

Tell me about the artwork on the album. Whose concept is it and why the artist that created the piece?

  • The concept itself was more collaborative than anything, reflecting the concept of the lyrical content therein. We relayed the general idea to tattoo artist Scott Manly, and gave him the breathing room to create his personal rendition of what we chose to convey.The band is from Kansas City. Is there a strong scene for what you are doing, or no? Does the band play live often?
  • Depending on what reference point one may come from, it depends on what one would consider a strong scene. There is certainly a strong metal scene, and even death metal at that. However, it’s also safe to say that we’ve seen a very vast amount of support out of town as well. Other cities have proven to us that what we have in KC is something to be very proud of. We have some awesome bands that we’ve shared the stage with, and some we have not. Though I think there certainly is a common sound that makes KC unique, each band seems to have it’s own unique twist on things in of of themselves. We have erratic schedules sometimes, honestly, depending on whether or not we are writing, or who is booking what, etc. Sometimes we won’t see a KC stage for months, only playing out of town. At other times, we’ll be in KC playing various area’s week for week.What is a live torn the fuck apart concert like?
  • It’s a very down to earth, in your face, no bullshit debauchery of reason and faith. There are no costumes, no extensive rants, and nothing but abrasive metal. We’ll certainly have no problem interacting with the audience by any means, but aside from the minor breaks in between songs, it’s full speed ahead towards some broken necks.What is the best way to experience Torn the Fuck Apart, in the stereo or on the stage? Why?
  • I think it is beyond merely being a fair assessment to say the stage is where this band belongs. Studio work is important, and any fan would like to have something to listen to in high quality, reasonably enough. However, you really can’t experience what we do the way we do it unless you see it live. The writing process itself reflects this, as we don’t factor in the idea of adding countless layers of guitars to admonish a harmony, or a solo, or what have you. The first and foremost purpose is to write a song that sounds just as good on the stage as it does off of the stage, instead of sacrificing the fullness in sound to make studio magic. Moreover, what you can’t see in an audio representation, you will see up front and in person.What does the future hold for the band?
  • No future is certain, obviously. However, we are in the works of writing our next album, Sexually Transmitted Torture. It is in our opinion that it will clearly be a huge step from The Dissection of Christ in both up front brutality and technical ingenuity, hopefully providing a new stage to be set for outlets within the community. The lines drawn between brutality and technicality are diminishing, as we provide the marriage towards a new dawn of gore. Also, this year we are planning on hitting West Texas Death Fest, Foothills Gutfest, and hopefully more in the future.Last words?
  • Support your local and global metal community, keep it underground, and keep your eyes open for more coming from Torn the Fuck Apart! Check us out on