OMG, the album title! That’s RACIST!!! OMG, how about my boot stomps on your throat, sound good? Anyway, Bhoabhan Sidhe are a sort of legend and myth in the underground, similar to what Von was before they decided to go all Hollywood. And now, we are privileged to have in our hands an entire retrospective of the band’s material, twenty Zyklon-B inhaling tracks total consisting of “The New Order” 7” EP, and the “Corpse Crater”, “Shower Power” and “Jinx” demos . And what a blessing this collection is!

A short-lived, not-really side project of the venerable Bestial Summoning from Holland (the mastermind behind both projects, Cons, took his life at the tender age of 35, only adding to the mythos of the trouble soul), Bhaobhan Sidhe began as an eclectic and way off-the-way mix of nasty, minimalist black metal a la Vlad Tepes and later shifted their focus to an electronic… well, I wouldn’t quite call it ambient, because it’s hardly meant for zoning-out while one consumes some sort of substance or transcending to higher states of existence and it’s not quite industrial or martial enough since I would hesitate to think you would charge into battle listening to it and it doesn’t sound like factory machines or hammers striking anvils enough. Honestly, it could pass for a film score to an Italian giallo or some 70s vigilante film with its air of suspense and gloom and parts that sound like a foot chase through alleys and stairwells (the track “The Oven” exemplifies this perfectly). This certainly won’t appeal to everyone, but I remember being hooked on it when I first received a cassette of the band back in 1996. It’s really lo-fi and dreadful sounding in a very charming and pleasant sort of way.

So this compilation hits two marks, one for fans of raw and primitive black metal and one for obscure film buffs. The overall presentation is one of utter disgust and misanthropy served up ice cold (the pic in the liner notes of Anne Frank with “SODOMIZED” written across her eyes may not sit well with everybody, but then again underground music isn’t meant to be happy, safe, and hip as is). This stuff was buried deep and inaccessible for many moons, and much kudos to Supremacy Through Intolerance and New Era Productions for piecing it all together and giving it to us once again. It is indeed a fine day to herald the demise of mankind! (FA)