Germany has always been able to unleash kickass metal. There must be something in the water or in the beer (my guess it’s the beer) for a country to just keep churning out great bands in the last 30 years. Enter CHAPEL OF DISEASE, a newish band to the scene that has been hacking up some of the best early 90’s era metal worship I’ve heard in a while. The band started out in 2008 but got serious about releasing material in 2012. Now there are plenty of bands out there trying to get that “Old school” sound, but while the sound is not hard to replicate, they fail to really capture the ‘it’ factor. Not here, COD really have studied their history and provided what would be a replica of the 90s era with ‘Summoning Black Gods’. I first got a taste of the band’s spells when I was listening to Death.FM and heard CHAPEL OF DISEASE’s song “Dead Spheres” for the first time. Literally blown away by the song, I looked up to see what albums these guys had released and was ready to hit the store to pick up a CD from these guys. To my dismay the record store did not have ‘Summoning…’. Some things are just meant to be, as luck would have it, I saw that Forbidden Magazine recently had a promo copy and quickly checked out the music.

Insanity insued as the music flowed to my ears. Lyrically, this Death Metal band brings much of the black metal elements. The vocals are a mix of Jeff Becerra/Martin Van Drunen, while music wise the band sounds like a combination of: PESTILIENCE, ASPHYX, ENTOMBED, early DEATH, POSSESSED. You get the idea of getting your money’s worth when you hear a nice combo like that, all you need are fries and a drink. Guitar solos accentuate the song and further help entrance the rest of the music.

The band really stands out by not going over the top with their sound, they keep it simple. Heavy guitars, and a mixture of tempos tends is what makes ‘Summoning…’ really unique. The songs stand out and tend to stand on their own, making them memorable or at least in my case….playing the whole album on repeat for hours at a time. There really is not a bad choice on the album. Choice picks for this album: “Evocation Of The Father” and the title track.

Thrashy, catchy, and maintaining homage to the past is really the bread and butter of the band. If I could sum up ‘Summoning Black Gods’ in one word it would…killer. Check these guys out, pick up the album, you will not be disappointed. Now if only Forbidden Records would distribute this album in the USA (Hint Hint Hint).