Prog, power, epic, NWOBHM, thrash is about as close to an appropriate technical description as anyone could come up with to describe this U.K. based band that sounds and feels as if it’s still 1982 – 1983 without gimmick.  Just getting the clean production and incredible bass tones of the punchy opening of “To Know Infinity” , moments before the crunchy tremolo picking thrash riff comes, and the entire song self ignites. I still cannot get over the bass lines, they are definitely more prog/borderline funk and really injects some serious circular mosh pit groove into this bands sound, and in combination with the classic metal leads and mixture of tempos with a great vocal delivery I’m 110% thinking of the stomping and cycloning Lonewolf opening anthem “Shadowland”  off the Made in Hell album with a slightly vintage touch.

My only complaint with this album is that out of six songs, two of them are 20 – 30 second blurbs so the intense and addicting album is in fact only a four song EP, and believe me, in under 20 minutes the inferno feels a bit like a one time fling that burns hot and then fizzles out as quickly as it caught flame. Although the redeeming quality of being able to repeat it over and over is just as sweet so I hardly feel that the short playing time really hurts them here, but I am really really really hoping that they release another album soon.

Chains of Delusion is like an obscure record that you come across, maybe you’ve heard about them as being part of a pocket of a lost 80’s metal scene, or perhaps they just look and feel like a worthy score in your record bin diving. When listening to this album, minus the immaculate production, it’s not a too far removed notion that Chains of Delusion is from a lost era, and the cover art also bears a resemblance to that of Judas Priest’s Defenders of the Faith.

Do listen to this album, especially “To Know Infinity” and “Oblivions Call” (the vocals on this one are different, fucking incredible, and almost doom with goth (?) ). It’s absolutely obliterating and so well composed and executed that it’s a modern masterpiece and an example of what a band CAN do when they play for the love of metal and not to cater to any preconceived notion.  I would cry now for the joy of what they have accomplished here, but my tears have been spent upon my fist few listens, which now have been multiplied by a factor of ten.

Beg, borrow, or steal (remember that stealing is more or less “borrowing without permission” and on occasion with the added “ no intent to return”) this album just to hear it!!!!


Blow your mind with “To Know Infinity” and “Oblivions Call” right here!!!!!