“ORG..ORG..ORG…ORG…ERRR…ERR…ERRG….”,  yes there’s a bit of that brutal grind/death muffled vocal effect that is reminiscent of  the weird butchers hog obsessed son in Slaughterhouse, and some pig squeel guitar shrieks, but for once that’s not the meat of the songs here. Expurgate seem to revel in keeping with their respective brutal death metal genre, but rather than crank out another cookie cutter noise fest of gore and vomit, they actually do some serious composing on this album including some punchy technical basslines and crisp razorblade precision in their guitarwork.

Sometimes I listen to albums for review on shuffle or backward to get a better scope of the sounds and layout of the album, and Dementia Tremens is on backward mode today starting with the obliterating closer  “Disgorging Vomitous Anomalies”. “Disgorging Vomitous Anomalies” caught me off guard with it’s bouncy technical bassline and clean, sharp production  that really brings out the death metal guitar tones in the intro that hooks me in seconds before the song goes into a solid traditional death metal chainsaw rhythm assault to launch the song into full force.

As a death metal addict and 20+ year veteran of the style, it’s been a long time coming for a band that is the spit image of early 90’s death metal talent and diversity within the style without being a clone. With Expurgate the technicality is present but never noodling around in a drunken stupor throwing off the steady pulse of the song. They also do make good use of the brutal death elements mentioned earlier, but mostly as accents as opposed to being the dominant substance to what they do and there’s also a lot of emphasis on diversity and fluidity within the songs such as the implementation of shouted gruff vocal bursts and slower moments in between the bass loaded rhythm attacks of the vicious overhaul of shredding tones and battering rhythms.

Listening to Dementia Tremens I get a sense of early Malignancy circa Intrauterine Cannibalism, General Surgery, and Bloodsoaked, maybe even some Carcass. The vocals are definitely in the General Surgery realm ranging from the sadly belittled and criticized “ORG… ORG…ORG”  to almost decipherable throaty mutant ghoul vocals, but then they actually go more in the Bloodsoaked  direction on “Repugnant Torso Defilement” with a really well done, understandable, and yet still disturbing vocal style.

In terms of tempo, the tempos range from slower punishing death metal stomps to buzzing tornados of guitar abuse and artillery assault drumming, all the while keeping every song aggressively smooth, addicting,  and  with nothing  out of place or unnecessary fillers/additives in any one song. So in conclusion, if you’re tired of style revival shit and those who live in the past because they can’t see pass the end of their noses and just create, then invest a few minutes in hearing Expurgate with the track below and prepare to be revitalized and consequently bashed around a bit.