Some of you reading this might already be familiar with the experimental black metal/noise/industrial/ kraut exploits of Lord Time such as the recent re-release of the abhorrently brilliant Forgotten Future (Prison Tatt Records), which I covered here a few months back, and did an interview with Lord Times alter ego, Sandor Finta. After two really indescribable recordings he has just released this gritty cassette, Drink My Tears, on his own label, Universal Consciousness, which takes the morbid black metal aggressions of the murderous Forgotten Future and the dark fucked up  imrpov kraut/Einsturzende Neubauten ventures of B.H.A.T.E.O.T.T to a new apex of brain spattering potential.

Even if I had no clue as to who Lord Time was, especially with the side of the cassette insert only reading “L.T.D.M.T.” , just the look of the cassette enclosed in a red cassette case with heavy duty white cardboard insert with real blood on it would sell me in an instant. And although many of us have bought that mysterious recording based on look,name,label,etc. and been disappointed once or twice, but with Lord Time his cover art, simple as it may be is always well thought as a good indicator of the sinister sound rituals contained within.  Drink My Tears is  a two sided grandiose full length of horror, black metal, scrap metal, random instrumentation, and disturbing ambient moments that will definitely leave a scar or two on you whence it’s done.

An example of sounds here: Nasal raspy throat singing similar to Dagon (Inquisition) starts off amidst a blast of buzzing power chords that suddenly drifts into the black drone realm of Deathstench and then melts into a unique drum groove driven, lyric-less inhuman nasal throat incantation, suffocating in plumes of smoldering sacrificial remains. Next thing I know the melody becomes an awkward repetitious clanging guitar chord pattern muffled under a layer of filthy distortion and even an almost folk rhythm to it like early Urfaust (Geist is Teufel) yet, due to the diminished treble saturation and emphasis on a hissy phantom effect that envelopes the album, even the caustic eruption of clanging the black metal tirades become dissolved into a vaporous sphere of delusion rather than tangible. This is the general flow of  Drink My Tears , a few minutes of chaotic and violent  avant-black metal bursts followed by subtle or sharp mood swings to more dark ambience and cinematic horror, then back again to a raging and sheering black tantrum.

For me, everything stands out on here including what I’ve already rattled off thus far, but what really stands out for me at this point is: the nasal ritualistic throat vocals over an analog synth played one note at a time “poink-boink-plunk-poink-plunk” which sounds to me like something one would put on in séance parlor; but the way that each side explodes with violence but ends with a droning death black ambient sound collection, such as analog synth and weird occultic throat vocals submerged in reverb instantly bringing to my mind sounds from old made-for-tv cult horror films. At one place I get a sense of Phantasm with some of the necrotic analog whooshing noises not unlike those created by Death Factory in his Giallo worship. Some of this morbid ambience is intensified through the use of cymbals, freakishly deranged synth effects reminiscent of sonar signals and even whales, and ritualistic gypsy bells chiming in unison behind the analog drone.  I even find a didgeridoo “zoink zoink” somewhere during the gypsy bell chiming, both of which occur some short moment beyond this really fucked up carnival calliope synth thing that makes a circus of freaks and horrors come to life in my mind, sort of like a Pogo the Clown serenade (yes, it IS that bizarre and completely fucked up).

The album can be streamed from the link below and purchased in both physical and digital format:

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