All throughout 2012, there were countless members of the human population anticipating (i.e. fearing) what so many have apparently misinterpreted as the official date that our miserable world somehow get flushed right down the proverbial toilet. Yes, that much publicized calendar created by that much extinct Mayan civilization had the more gullible portion of Earth’s people on their toes, in trembling wait for some mystery brand of worldly decimation. According to what was marked as the last day on that particular, ancient calendar, December 21 was to be the expiration date of mortal life as we know it. Whether it was by floods, plagues of locusts, wide-spread disease, zombie hordes, or good, old-fashioned human stupidity itself…it seemed like everyone had their own theory of how it was all about to go down. However, the big day came and went, and December 22 began true “Same shit, different day” fashion. This was likely the source of much disappointment to the duo collectively known as Ptahil, because really…what better way to celebrate the release date of their newest unholy offering that for it to be the soundtrack of the day this miserable world comes crashing down mercilessly on all of humanity?

Where the hardcore punk and doom-infused black metal of 2011’s For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory left off, its gloriously violent successor, The Almighty Propagator of Doom and Despair, continues on with elements of the outfit’s past efforts intact, this time combined with a noticeable element of crust influence at various points throughout.

The record, according to its creators, is “a ritual casting to the forces of Death, Revolution, and Liberty, in acknowledgement of the continual entrapment of free essence into the chains of life through the force of the phallus.” Opening number, “Satanicus Sabbathicus”, erupts with eerie back-masking and maintains much of the punishing attitude present on For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory. “Possessed by Death” plods along at a slow pace, reminding us all that “we were born to die.” Meanwhile, “Semen, Blood and Shit” trudges along with a slow doom structure only to explode into a breakneck, classic black metal-esque tempo around the mid-point, and slows again. That is, until “Mors Aut Libertas” blows up again in the listener’s face like one big blasphemy fueled, demon-filled pipe bomb. Later, the title track easily takes the title for longest track found here, clocking in at just under thirteen minutes. Raging and thrashing steadily with Ptahil’s trademark riffing and raspy vocal approach, it’s one hell of a beast to make it through unscathed.

Where the previous release may have possessed a somewhat clearer production and overall vibe, The Almighty Propagator of Doom and Despair is as raw and lethal as the type of unbridled destruction it represents. Ptahil is apparently one of those bands that sometimes gets ignorantly dismissed by some as gimmicky or clichéd. That being said, I’m convinced that those people would be dead wrong, as with every record the band dishes out, it’s more and more clear that the end of all life is just what they’re hoping for!