This tape is AAAAAHHHHHHHHWWWSOME!!!!! I already knew what I was getting into from the Legion Blotan YouTube tracks and other LB staples Axnaar, Sump, Gammal Sed, and White Medal just to name a few, that is, some raw and very experimental black metal (?). There are no song titles given but there are actual separations between songs on this full-length single sided tape so my guess is that it’s more of a collection of improvised spastic bursts of mood as opposed to a deliberate attempt to make a traditional album, but much like the frantic and non-the-less brilliant noise of Dutch weirdos Smoke and possibly some Ride For Revenge.

The overloaded slow bass drone banging grooves that make up the meat of Haedenfolc is definitely in the same garage speaker blow out pummeling that Ride For Revenge have made their own craft out of using. The tape begins with harsh howling vocals that sort of mimic a lion roaring, not unfamiliar to many of us into the raw and black, but this time it seems to seriously demand more attention and possibly because it’s just the vocals and a few notes slowly and deliberately plucked on a guitar that are follow each other. First the vocals, than a few moments of silence, the creepy down tuned few notes plucked, vocals, silence…

The second song comes in with a heavy booming throb of bass and groovy, non-metal drumming that’s almost like a marching band snare attack, that gives a swing and swagger to the song as the bastardized vocals growl and roar like a mad beast over the blasting bass. I’m almost embarrassed to say this because it might put some off, put the rhythm is almost dance inducing with the clanking drums and blown out bass “Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom”.

The third song is erratic cymbal and drum work, very simple and deliberately off time giving it a push-pull rhythm feel, almost galloping awkwardly and then slowing down before galloping again. The rhythm and percussive tones bring to mind someone playing spoons on the street: “tip tippity tip tap tap tap tap”. The bass blown out and rumbling sluggishly behind the percussion and the bestial vocals. At some point during this tape I just lose all conscious awareness of it as it actually soothes and drones, but always has a great rhythm. It’s either pounding away steadily or drifting into a balmy day of dark gray skies and rainfall with fading volume and more spoon rhythms. By the fourth song I’m ironically blissed out on cringing amplifier bass tones and clickety clack drums, and of course by this point the tape picks up pace again with blackened booty bass.

Satanhartalt is now on my radar fully and this tape was some of the best $5 that I’ve ever spent, and that statement even includes pints of really good and rare beer. These releases are available through several U.S. distros so it’s an easy find. Just Google Satanhartalt and you’ll get song streams and other useful links. This guy does not have much of a public life so  there’s not much to link to, hence the lack of links.