Tell us of your full-length album, Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries! I was totally destroyed by its blasting death fury! What must maniacs know about your debut album!?

-Ha ha Thanks, it’s nice to see that you appreciate our Brutal Death ! “Cannibalisme hérésie et autres sauvageries” was recorded in a very simple and conventional way ! We’re not the kind of guys who are stacking 30 differents amps, testing thousands effects and all that shit… No, we’ve made this really simply, accurate as possible as what we TRULY do. It was mixed and mastered by Alesk-Engineering ! We were working on this album for a few years, 5 years if I’m not saying bullshit. Also, as the lineup was constantely moving, all our marks were broken, and we want to do things well so, we take our time .. After this recording, Aara joined us as Bass player and Kaotoxin Records wanted to release the album immediately so… He we are, Savage Annihilation are back ! All death metal maniacs should know that we mainly listen US Death metal like Morbid Angel, Deeds of Flesh, Nile, Krisiun but mainly that we hope to give them a huge fix of blast beats with that first opus !

Give us a history of the band, if you will. I understand their have been previously releases, EPs, etc. What were the reasons for forming Savage Annihilation?

– We’ve released an album in 2004, “Death in Progress” and a split in 2007 “Disgusting Cranial split” ! With Dave, we’ve started music since we’re young, time flies, we evolve, and we’ve chosen to grow up in the Death Metal. We listen a lot of different things, like Heavy, Thrash, HxC , Hard-Rock… Aara is maybe more… How can I say… less… So, he listen everything that is Metal-related ! Doom, Sludge, Drone, Stoner, Experimental, Depressive, kinds of things that is ruining our parties together… Ha ha Savage Annihilation, we’ve created this project in 2002 with Dave. We wanted a lot of girls at our shows, easy groupies, heavy drugs… At the time, we have beers, and we’re happy with that ! Joke aside, we mainly wanted to defy ourselves through SxA and Death Metal. This style is evolving so quickly that it’s becoming hard to rip them all and to find some originality within us. So that… it’s kind of our thing.

How long has the material on Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries been in the writing and recording process? What were some of your ideas and visions when writing the material?

– It’s true that we were working on this album for a long time, but, since the day we say to ourselves ” : “So… We record ! No more bullshit !” Well, it went very fast !! We recorded “Cannibalisme,hérésie et autres sauvageries” in 8 days, mixed and mastered after ! We wanted an album… hmmm… true ! As the recording, our lyrics and our theme had to fit to this album like we wanted. And who else than Poup’s Undeadkreation could do the artwork !? We known each other well and we often worked together… It’s kind of a SxA member in fact ! He know how to represent the ideas of Savage. Apocalypse, end of the world, hell on earth … So “Cannibalisme,Hérésie et Autres Sauvageries” defines very well our concept in its name… NO !? You don’t understand !? YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND !?

How was the studio experience? I understand that Savage Annihilation has been primarily a live band, performing for many years. Do you feel the studio or stage is a better representation of your band’s sound and vision? Why?

– Studio was….AWESOME ! We have to admit that we’re not use to this kind of things ! I think that the fact that we were really well prepared and that we’ve worked hard before going in the studio ! The studio is always a bit of a discovery that reflects that we have and the means that we give ourselves ! Savage Annihilation is maybe more representative on stage, we try to reproduce an ambiance that shows you our apocalyptical visions ! We’ve played a lot in Europe at the time, but we didn’t had an album to promote, so now, we really want to do this again ! ( A word to the wise… )

The album is being released via Kaotoxin Records and has a killer 12 page booklet with full lyrics. What themes can fans expect to find in the lyric sheets? Why do you choose to write about these topics?

– Yes, we’ve decided to put the lyrics in the booklet because they really represent the theme of the album. With an artwork like the one of “Cannibalisme,Hérésie et Autres Sauvageries”, we really had to put the lyrics. Each text has its own story, so it was really important to put them in. Maniacs can expect gore, zombies, with an hellish touch !

How did your relationship with Kaotoxin come to be? Will you be working together in the future?

– We’ve known Nico with its famous Lille Grindfest which was planned with a lot of good grind bands. Having learned later that he have its own label “Kaotoxin”, the album was ready at the time, so I send them some titles for listening… And he liked them ! We are really happy about the work that he have done -and the one he is still doing with the promotion-, relative projects, ideas, communication and all the stuff that we can’t talk here… ( Nico wanted to pay us with wine, whores and coke… We can’t refuse that ! ) As he said regulary “KAOTOXIN is a family” so yes, we’re proud to work with him and we would do it again. What we have done with Defecal Of Gerbe by the way, for the compilation “In Grindo Veritas” !

Tell us about how a song from Savage Annihilation comes to be! There are some of the heaviest guitar riffs and destructive drums I have heard recently on Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries! Is there a central songwriter or…?

– Savage Annihilation’s tracks are composed by Dave, as the lyrics, he always had ideas that I enjoyed and about which I didn’t found any modification to do. There’s a lot of diversity in the titles, in the riffs groovy, brutal, trashy. There was time between the compositions, different periods, some evolution, I also think that’s why we have our old-school vibe. We like the heavy side of bands like Dying Fetus, it’s important for us to vary from explosive blasts to heavy riffs !! Mix that and some other influences, listen and… You’ll be slapped ’till death !

What, if any, other projects are members of Savage Annihilation members of? – Yes, Dave and I have other projects, we are members of DEFECAL OF GERBE (Goregrind) and BRENNKELT (Gaulish war metal). These two bands are actives, gigs and recording are planned. Aara is guitarist in the french brutal death band BLOSIUS and works on other musical projects. We’ve toured a lot in fact, DxOxG / Brennkelt / SxA et Blosius… We have done some bullshits and have a lot of memories in common that would deserves to be in the preface of a Death Metal book ! Or on alcohol’s havoc….

What influences your sound and vision, musically and otherwise?

– I think that the influence of Savage, it’s basically Dave because his riffs are giving the “Savage” style. We are addicted to bands with a massive aura, like Immolation, unhealthy and brutal stuff ! ! Something that may hurt but something that you absolutely want to live again and again…. A little bit like Fist Fucking Hahahhaha ! ( In France, I don’t know if it’s exists somewhere else, a gay couple opened a… how to say… A gay inn – centered on the Fist-fucking, where you met fist-fuckers… It’s… kinda horrible, it’s called “La Fistinière” )

Looking back over the years since Savage Annihilation’s inception, what are some of the high and low points in the bands history? What memories do you enjoy the most and which would you rather forget?

– After all these years we struggled a lot to work stably, our second guitarist and our bassists just left SxA after our fist album! But the best moments are there such as concerts, tours, bands we met and with whom we are still in touch! We are really proud to have record and release this “Cannibalisme,Hérésie et Autres Sauvageries”.. You have to live some shitty moments in order to grow up ! And now we’re here !

What does the future hold for Savage Annihilation? What about the distant future?

– We are already working on new titles, for a new album ! I think the machine is launched and we’re not going to stop in so good way !! We also have some gigs and mini-tours for 2013, we hope to do some fests also, so a lot of gigs to come !!

The last words are yours! – For our last words, thanks to Forbidden Mag for the interview, it’s cool !! Thanks again ! We took the opportunity to spend a few words to all the Brutal Death fans : LISTEN SAVAGE ANNIHILATION !! Thanks again for the support. STAY FUCKING BRUTAL !