Your debut full length, ‘Maailma Palaa’ was just recently released! Tell us about this black metal attack!

Rutto: It has seven new songs and one cover song from Unhola. Released by Mortis Humanae Records.

Samael: Well this has more elements than our first demo, more melodys and we tried a bit different stuff with this album. This has more melancholy and darkness on it.

What is the history of the band, its members, etc.? Give us, if you will, some background! When, where and why did the band form?

Samael: Band was started by me and Rutto in winter of 2011. We were playing in a same band before and because we both like black metal, so one drunk night we decide to start a black metal band.

Rutto: I first thought this was a joke, but in a few weeks Samael made first two songs and they were great. So we decide to make more songs.

Samael: When summer came we had four songs ready. I got Synti to play the drums and Rutto asked his fried Räyhähenki to play the bass. In the first demo i played guitars and keyboards.

Rutto: Both of them joined the band and so we had new members in Uhriristi. Then we released “Petetty” demo first only in internet and we send few copys to review.

Samael: Reviews were good over the Europe and suddenly Mortis Humanae Records wanted to release a tape versio of “Petetty”. After that release we started thinking of making a new demo, because i had lots of new songs ready. I wanted that the new recording should have real keyboardist and second guitarist. Then Kauna and Luopio joined Uhriristi.

Where is the band from? How has your local area influenced your sound? Why?

Rutto: We are from a small city of Iisalmi in the middle of finland. We don’t have any local influenses because our city is so small and we have only 3-5 metal bands active. Our influences are from the bands that we listen. Some are from finland like Horna, Ajattara, Enochian Crescent and Impaled Nazare and lots from Norway like Burzum, Dimmu Borgir, Old Man`s Child and Archrurus. There are lots of great black metal bands in Europe that we listen.

How do you describe your music? Why?

Samael: As said before its dark, melancholy and aggressive.

Rutto: With finnsh lyrics that circles among the waste of humankind and destruction of all religions.

Samael: Some one said that it sounds 90`s finnish black metal.

The material on ‘Maailma Palaa’ is very dark, well produced and makes a great impression for a debut full length! How long was the material in writing and recording stages?

Samael: First song on “Maailma Palaa” was made right after the first demo, but we really started making the new songs at 2012 winter. Drums were recorded mid summer and the rest of materials at fall. The recordings delayed for several reasons and we got all them ready at November.

Rutto: We wanted to release the new recoding at fall, but had some difficulties with the recordings. We realized that we had lots of great songs so we decide to make a full length album.

What are some of the more memorable events that led up to the album’s release? Was it more enjoyable for the band to write rather than record or…?

Rutto: Well we had fun when we recorded the guitars for this album. Luopio lives in the middle of the forest and we recorded the guitars in his sauna. We made recording studio in Luopio`s living room and others played Mortal Kombat same time as Samael and Luopio recorded their parts.

Samael: Lots of “pissed off” moments, pain and agony but all was worth it.

Rutto: Writing was more fun than the recordings. Like me and Samael just decide that “today we will write a new song” and we just sit in Samael`s place and stayed so long we made the song.

How are songs written in Uhriristi? Is there a sole songwriter? As a group?

Samael: I write the raw versions of the songs and then we arrange it with Rutto and Räyhähenki. Rutto writes the lyrics. Kauna makes keyboards to them and Synti makes the drums on a “ready” song.

What about the recording process? How do the songs manifest themselves onto a fixed media? The production on ‘Maailma Palaa’ was quite clear and intelligible.

Samael: Drums are recorded first in our sound guy “Late” garage, then we recorded the all guitars in Luopio s place. After that Rutto recorded his vocals in two sessions at Late`s garage. Räyhähenki lives in Oulu so he records his parts by himself and Kauna recorded his parts alone in Late`s home.

Rutto: We all have jobs and live in different places, so its hard to get freetime to make the recordings as a group.

Samael: Late then starts to mix the album and sends us different versions of the songs. We ask him to fix and chance what we want and when the mixing is ready we listen the hole album. Few modifications and more mixing and then we listen again.

What other projects, if any, are members of Uhriristi involved in that we may be familiar with?

Rutto: Me and Samael has death/thrash metal band called “REDEYE” that makes about ten gigs a year in finland. We are making our fifth demo this year. I also play bass in “Pohjoisen Soturit” that is mix of heavy metal and death metal. I also sing in few projects, that has not released anything.

Samael: I have been in lots of bands but for now main focus is in Uhriristi and REDEYE.

Rutto: Luopio plays drums in Pohjoisen Soturit and Kauna has heavy metal band called “Everia”.

I understand ‘Maailma Palaa’ has a nice 8 page booklet. Are the lyrics included? Who is responsible for the album art and how does it fit your message?

Rutto: Our bassist Räyhähenki made all the album art, and the album cover is real photo of a black bird over a moose carcass. Lyrics are in the booklet and the album art is just great. Räyhähenki has made album arts for other bands too, so he has a “wicked & twisted mind” for that stuff.

‘Maailma Palaa’ was released through Mortis Humanae Productions, yes? How did your relationship come about with that label? Is there only the CD version or will a tape format be available as well?

Rutto: They contacted us for the “Petetty” tape release, so it was natural that we offered “Maailma Palaa” album to them. We had other offers for the release, but Mortis Humanae Productions has great people working in it, so it was easy to do this release with them. I don’t know is there a tape release coming, but if it is it would be great to re-release the first demo also.

What are some of the things that influence Uhriristi as a band to write and record, particularly on this album? Why?

Rutto: When I write lyrics i read lots of stuff from diffenrent religions, I have read the bible two times, Mormon book once etc. and I watch lots of Christian material over youtube. I channel my aggression on music and lyrics. Insanity of religion is just mindblowing..

Samael: Life in general and all the shit from it.

What does the immediate future hold for Uhriristi? What about 5 years from now?

Samael: Its hard to think over a year, hope that we are alive.

Rutto: Well we have been speaking for new material, smaller release even a split release with someone.

Where is the best place for fans to hear and purchase your music?

Samael: You can buy the “Maailma Palaa” easy at and listen it in or

Rutto: Latest info comes first to our facebook page.

The last words are yours!

Rutto: “Ei Taivaassa Kukaan Vastaa” or in English “Nobody answer`s from heaven”

Samael: Hail Satan!