Joy of Torture is yet another solo project of porn/gore/grind/noise mastermind Adam Rotella, the same lascivious douche bag that is responsible for aural obscenities such as Anal Birth and Liquified Insides, not too leave out his birthing (probably anally) of the genre of gorenoise that literally took the death metal psychosis of General Surgery and possibly some Mortician and cross bred it with Anal Cunt. For some this might be a nauseating though and rightfully so, it’s not for the squeamish, but for those who can appreciate the slamming distorted riffs and clunking percussion, blown out to the point of crackling and hissing more than the tape format typically provides, and Seth Putnam reincarnated through crafted use of effects to create something mutant and vile then you will be another one of us weirdos that appreciate JoT and essentially anything Adam Rotella.

The only gripe that I have with this sack of fetid turds is that the sound is really raw, like raw demo raw, which does actually hurt this phlegm wad of noise because it makes it harder to really notice and appreciate the fact that this isn’t crap. The riffs are a nice downtuned death metal style and with some D-beat/crust alternating with industrial pulses in the rhythms and a solid bassline that actually CAN be heard as well as felt throughout the cassette it’s hard to deny giving this project credit. And lets face it, most of us don’t like our extreme metal polished, in fact that’s what we bitch and moan about with the classic bands still going but never as strong. The vocals are the toilet-bowl grind effect ridden style that gives this stuff and grind a bad rap but when done right, as they are here, there’s something distinctly clever about them and they simply “work”. I’d say that they work better done well than typically grind shrieking and growling does.

If you’re a fan of Anal Cunt, General Surgery, Mortician, early Napalm Death, Vomitoma, Decomposing Serenity, and other properly done DIY extreme metal and noise than you really should check this thing out. The rhythms and the way the mix blows in and out from distortion overload gives it a slight industrialized element that also compliments the gurgling vocals.

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