Having heard “Open the Krypt” back when it cameout, I’ve always had a general idea as to what can be expected with a band like Krypts. I must admit though, their debut full length surprised me. I mean this of course in a good way. “Unending Degradation” showcases eight songs from Krypts, three of which are re-recorded songs from the “Open the Krypt” demo that was initially released as a CD-r and eventually a 12″ MLP.

“Unending Degradation” packs a bit more of a punch than the previous 7″ and demo did. While some people may be growing tired of the revitalized late 80s/early 90s Death Metal sound I think that Krypts might actually offer a breath of much needed rotten air. Four to six minute songs seems to be the standard on the album with “Blessed Entwinement” being one of the shorter ones and “Dormancy of the Ancients” being the lengthiest. The vocals in my opinion have improved drastically. They seem much more distorted this time around as well. While Krypts isn’t quite what I would describe as Death/Doom the way Tennessee’s “Loss” is, they most certainly demonstrate moments of slow, trance inducing riffs that effectively make you feel as if you are trapped within a dark subterranean temple lit only by candles.

“Unending Degradation” is death metal the way it’s supposed to be. While it doesn’t break new ground or offer anything overly complex I think that’s what makes it special. If you’re looking for the hallmark death metal formula that Scandinavia has been famous for producing over the past 30 years then look no further than this album. It delivers exactly what you would expect and it does so without a single shred of pity or remorse.