– Hails!! The last time Forbidden touched base with Lecherous Nocturne, it was through the band’s former vocalist, shortly after the Immolation tour. How have the line-up changes since then altered the chemistry and sound of the band, in general?

I don’t think it has changed much. The instrumental core of the band has been constant for several years now. If anything, we are that much more seasoned than we were before. When Chris got back into the band, it was a huge morale boost. He adds a very strong mid range and clear lyrical enunciation that cuts right through all of us which is exactly what our music needs.

– On that note, in what ways, if any, what aspects do you believe have remained unchanged?

The key is that we all work hard to keep the band going and we enjoy what we do. We are all dedicating to furthering ourselves as musicians and the interests of the band. And there is no shortage of inspiration for our music, we are always working on new material…carefully refining our songs until they are ready to be unleashed.

– The new material is absolutely grand! How did the creative process, this time around, compare to that of the band’s previous efforts?

Ethan stepped up and divided the guitar arrangements with Kreishloff, on the previous 2 albums Chris was splitting the riffs with Kreish. Ethan has more of a classical style and the vibe of the album reflects that. Combined with Kreish’s aggressive, searing style, the guitar riffs create all of these dissonant melodies hidden within blasting drums and very busy bass lines. Those same melodies create an interesting foundation for the vocals, going with or against the riffs to create tension/release in the music…ultimately, aside from different minds at work, the overall musical philosophy remains true to the band’s identity: aggressive, carefully-crafted blackened death.

– Regarding the cover art for Behold Almighty Doctrine, what’s the inspiration behind it?

The album is our doctrine; a testament of our fortitude and our philosophy, a saga of our experience throughout the lowest lows and the greatest triumph. The artwork reflects that. The figure on the cover has a messianic quality, there to deliver a bold statement that will make an overwhelming impression.

– When someone says death metal is a dead horse, that nothing new can come of it…what is your response?

That sort of statement is a prime example of the thoughtless, time-saving judgments people make everyday thanks to millions of years of Darwinian evolution. Heard it once, heard it all kind of thing. No art form is ever fully explored. There is always new ground to be broken somewhere.

– What are your thoughts on where the genre is today, compared to where it’s been in the past?

I don’t see much sense digging into the past and trying to compare it to what we are dealing with now. The realities are just as harsh now as they were then.

– How do you see the extreme music scene of the band’s SC headquarters, in comparison to that of other areas of the U.S., such as the Midwest or the West Coast?

Being in the Bible belt does make the local scenes a bit different, usually much smaller and loose knit yet devout. You can hardly call what we have here a scene compared to those larger scenes in the Midwest/west coast.

– Speaking of environments, how have the band’s hometown, as well as the current social and economic climates, influenced the Lecherous Nocturne sound?

The Carolinas aren’t really a happening place for much of anything. We are all disenfranchised with our local social/economic climate. Music simply fills the void in us that our social/economic climate cannot.

– If Lecherous Nocturne were an unholy beast spawned from the depths of Hell itself, what would it look like…and who would be its lunch?

Take a look at our banner when we play live, it would have to be something like that, an overgrown, evil mastermind that voraciously consumes anything in its path.

– What does the band have in store for fans wishing to catch them on the road throughout 2013?

We are planning an east coast cult tour for this summer, keep an eye out for updates online.

– It’s been great catching up, man! Any last words for inquiring minds?

Thank you for the interview, we are working on a music video off the latest album and new music for an upcoming release.