Much to no one’s surprise, this re-issue hits the spot with thundering bustling death metal intensity akin to an agent orange hemorrhoid cream followed by napalm enema. So yes, I’ll openly drop my cool and go trendy adolescent and “Scene” and say that this is “BRUUUTAL” for this warhead because it’s simply TRUE so why deny Master their reign of dingy seismic hardcore rumblings fused with death metal with politically savvy and dead on no bullshit lyrics? “Spiritual Bankruptcy” really brings in the hardcore influence in both vocal rhythm and switches precisely between that and death metal, and the crumbling bombing raid bass loaded “Antidote” that came before it does show some hardcore/crust roots but after having your head used as a speedbag for Master’s exhaustive rhythm blows I doubt much will be circulating through your mind, much like mine, after “Antidote”.

Okay, so I covered the hardcore/crust/ “no fucking surprise” influences in Master’s sound but they also have a few dirty tricks pulled up their sleeves that take them a bit more beyond the punishing and impenetrably heavy. For instance, “Murdered By Numbers” starts out with a slower melodic death metal intro that has  some smooth and sharp tones not to forget some nice finger work and picking, but halfway through the song it begins to shake and rattle like a soda bomb pressurizing before its inevitable explosion into obliterating death metal carnage. There’s also a brief, but still savage, solo that makes an appearance although most notably are the lyrics referencing the Oklahoma City Bombing. And even though only through a few hints to it they get the point across and move on quickly to emphasizing how society plays a huge role in these sort of incidents by their continual support of censorship and widespread ignorance. After all isn’t freedom of speech only free for those who say the “right” things?

Anyway, this is pure MASTER and an essential for those who do not own it already and even as a re-issue it still towers as a God-like statue over some of the pigeon shit stained stuff that currently dares to erect itself in the name of death metal. Listen to and be educated as well as assaulted, Master do not hold back or sugar coat their anti-propaganda so blast this and let it take the cap off of you’re skull…and with the butchering low end pummeling of “We’re About to Fall” it’s an inevitable fate that will split skulls and splatter brains of those willing to take the hit.