Par-ox-ysm: noun: \ˈpa-rək-ˌsi-zəm also pə-ˈräk-\

1: a fit, attack or sudden increase or recurrence of symptoms (as of a disease) : Convulsion

2: a sudden violent emotion or action: Outburst

I think either of those two definitions (kindly provided by are sufficient for giving an impression of what you can expect from Paroxsihzem’s self-titled debut. Nausea, anxiety, paranoia, and intense feelings of negativity seem to radiate off of this record. It sounds like Death. Pure, unfiltered, raw death injected straight into the blood stream. The overall intensity of “Paroxsihzem” is unmatched by any active band that I’ve heard as of late. The vocals are thunderous and compliment the heavy drum hits well. The guitars seem locked in with everything else and weave together a very threatening and ominous atmosphere. To speak specifically about any single track to me would be doing the album a disservice because there isn’t a single song on here worth skipping over. With the exception of one or two that I can recall, each has moments where the vocals cease and give way to some pretty horrific sound samples. I’m not exactly sure where they come from (perhaps various horror films or maybe they were even recorded by the band for this specific release) but I can state with one-hundred percent authority that unlike almost every other band that has done this before, Paroxsihzem does it incredibly well. It almost sounds like people are being killed over intense drum blasting and flesh peeling guitar tones.

The unquestionable vibe of the album is darkness. Pure impenetrable darkness. Most bands might normally use occult themes or horror movie references to convey the feeling. Paroxsihzem seems to be grounded in a more psychological or “realist” approach. Using this chaotic art form to elaborate upon feelings of emptiness, the destruction of the human body and ultimately the end of life. Many of the track names don’t seem to make any sense at all with the exception of “Nausea” and Tsirhcitna Eht (“The Antichrist” backwards). It’s simple clues like that and those hidden within some of the sound clips that play throughout the album that seem to create an overall mental state of panic and irrationality. This album is a mind trip in so many different ways. I challenge you to open yourself up to this very sinister piece of music and allow yourself to become possessed by it.