Pathogen are a Philippine based death metal band who thankfully embrace death metals immortal past and turbulent present with a blend of old meets new with Miscreants of Bloodlusting Abberations. Thankfully these guys avoid completely re-inventing the wheel, but even with the really great elements of oldschool death metal present and reconstructed into something that’s not so cut-and-paste, I’m just unable to be wholly consumed by this album.  Also, FYI: this is also a re-release from 2010, not a new album, and this re-release trend has been a big part of the bands brief history, and to the point of causing some bad blood spilled over label-disputes and such and I have no idea why the re-release when they just released a full-length last year and a recent split with other Phillipine band, Toxemia (not to confused with the Swedish Legends).Okay, so this review is starting out  a bit negative so let me clarify a few things to highlight the actual sounds and writing an actual review.

Pathogen have quite a bit of Swedish death metal buzzsaw riffing with searing leads, decent (but not awe inspiring) shreds, and nice variations of the tempos which range from vortexing madness to slow and trudging post mortem dirge, AND there’s even some wailing shrieks of neck slides and pig squeels. But somehow I’m just as caught up in it like I am by Deicide, Massacre, Nihilist, Autopsy, Malevolent Creation, and hundreds of others where I’m grabbed from the first moment and carried through by the throat. It just doesn’t FEEL like what I want in a death metal album, but even given that just said,  “Ideological Strife” is currently selling me on this album quite a bit with its: spiraling rhythms, raw Possessed thrash/early death metal feel, melodic leads, and definitive Swedish hints; but in the end it’s simply not enough to convince me to listen to this album for more than enough sit-throughs beyond that required for the sake of review.

Sure, Pathogen have a great sound and feel on the surface, but they seem to lack something internal that makes them memorable among so many others. And while  “Abyss of Perpetual Upheaval” is yet another example of something that has some great tremolo riffs and buzzing storms within it that I do thoroughly enjoy, plus the the solid rhythms and grueling but decipherable old school vocals, they still feel more like something I’d enjoy hearing as an opening band rather than something I’d intentionally seek out further.  But regardless of my feelings and experience with Pathogen,  I can guarantee that for many reading this that Pathogen will be a worthy investment in their time, but what I can’t tell you is that it’s a masterpiece or even memorable in comparison to other current bands like Coffins, Zombiefication, Omission (Mex.) or Revel In Flesh, let alone hundreds of classic ones because I don’t think it is and do not get paid nor endorsed to tell you otherwise. Please do check them out on your and hear for yourself.